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War Era

War Era

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Playality
Developer:  ST Co.,Ltd.
Genre:  Strategy

War Era is a silverlight-based strategy game published by Playality which also publishes 7Road’s DDTank, and Heroic Era’s Call of Roma. The game is the re-titling of Demarcia.


War Era turns out to be a game I shouldn’t have played in the first place. It just doesn’t possess anything worth a try. Guys, don’t expect deep strategies out of this game. You would be bored enough to quit long before you use any sort of strategy.

Texts on the interface are very small and if you zoom in for larger characters, parts of the pictures would be missing. And by the way, the translations are full of mistakes. All those make it suffering to follow the tutorial and to read the instructions and descriptions. Thankfully, the quest descriptions are usually of no use at all and you can just ignore them and check the quest targets directly, though sometimes they don’t specify what you should do either.

Those tasks involve you in constructing and upgrading buildings and facilities all the time. Since you have to defend your territory and attack enemies, you have a lot to do around the city. Everything is interdependent on each other. For example, if you would like to hire a hero, you need to build a tavern first. To that end, you have to upgrade your Town Hall to level 3, which requires large quantities of wood, food, rocks, and iron. Also, to have a level 3 Town Hall, you’ve got to have enough citizens available in your city. And to invite enough citizens, you’d better build and upgrade houses, or lower the taxes.

There are more things you can do than just building and upgrading. You will research military, architecture, and industrial technologies in the research center; you could upgrade the weapons and armors of your heroes in the blacksmith; you need to train scouts, swordsmen, and mages in the barracks; and you might as well produce tools for city defense, such as traps and sharpened stakes at the city wall. Those might sound interesting. But they also need time to “cool down” just like the construction projects. And therefore, you are just kept waiting between upgrades and productions.

I always have problems with the endless constructions and upgrades. They do matter in the game but they still suck. In the case that I have about ten structures, I would be happy to upgrade them as much as possible. But when it comes to dozens, I’m always too upset to go very far. You know, as the level increases, the required resources multiply and the requirement become demanding and they get too far for anyone to care anymore.

Sometime the tasks are just impossible to fulfill. There were tasks that instruct me to scout a level 1 forest and attack a level 1 NPC. But those forests and NPCs that I can see are of level 6, level 8 or level10 and since the quest descriptions and targets are not clear enough about what I should do, those two tasks just cannot be completed.

Although War Era manages to make the progression naturally and logically with the interconnection between different upgrades, productions, and training, it still lacks the charm that could keep players’ focus and interest.

4 Comments on War Era


  1. Pipo says:

    Poor "Call of Roma" clone with some mayor bugs.

  2. peter says:

    War Era,poor as it has bugs in it,cannot use some stuff,if they iron them out might go back

  3. urgent essay says:

    I have been playing this game from a very long time and I was here to tell you that it was good to see this game here on this website. I think that it is the best game to pass spare time.

  4. www.papersarena.com says:

    War era is something which I binge and play all the time, as this game is my all time favourite, I don't why some people are not giving such positive response to game but its critics what can we say about that.

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