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War Inc. Battlezone

War Inc. Battlezone

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Arktos Entertainment Group
Developer:  Online Warmongers
Genre:  Shooter

This world is waiting for its dooms day, with everything on it tinged with shades of barrenness and sterility. The brightest day is enveloped by impalpable layers of mist; huge dilapidated buildings cast patches of shadows; grounds are jumbled with split wood, shattering cullet and scattered materials which were once parts of houses. This world sees no future, yet it is still not the reckoning day. To survive, one has to fight. So wear your mask and load your gun, welcome to War Inc. Battlezone.

War Inc. Battlezone is a free-to-play, action-packed, session-based shooter, multiplayer online game against the setting of a world combining real depict and reasonable imagination where mercenary and paramilitary commando units act as international force to keep the bleak world from crumpling to pieces. In this game, players will take up the role as members of such units or clans to exert influence over various fierce combats and conflicts.

At launch, this game introduces three types of game modes, that is, Conquest, Siege, and Team Deathmatch. Conquest Mode is team-based with no time limit; and it is carried out on a map which is divided into multiple areas. To struggle for the control of those areas will be the ultimate goal of the rival teams, who can be triumphant if they take control of the majority of the whole areas while have conquered each of the entire areas at least once. Siege Mode is different in that it revolves the ownership of numbers of objectives. Under a set time, one team take efforts to guard the objectives while another team struggle by all means to capture them. When time expires, defenders win if they still hold majority of objectives, or attackers win if they claim all objectives at one time. Team Deathmatch Mode is conducted in a set time limit, during which players seek to be top killers with the largest numbers of kills on the field. All these battles will be on varied maps with different sizes which may be ranging from small-scale with 8 players combating together to huge open world-scope with overall 64 players in one game.

As mentioned above, players in War Inc. Battlezone will be members of clans, which may be pre-set, or created by players themselves. If players join Pre-made PMCs, they can get bonuses like game points and unlockables; if they join private PMC created by other players, they normally need to meet certain requirements; and if players create their own clans, they can set parameters. Logo, and application qualifications, etc at will as well.

Apart from the main contents related to fighting modes and clans, this game also lays emphasis on detailed ranking system as well as character customization. Thus, from detailed supporting systems to immersive in-depth contents, this game will take players into a series of excellent ground combats in real time.

official website http://www.thewarinc.com/

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  1. It was really very exciting game to play and I really want to know that if I could get more games like this. These types of games are always very good to have some quality time.

  2. arul says:

    War battle zone an exciting game to play.
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