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War Metal: Tyrant

War Metal: Tyrant

Release Date:  2011

War Metal: Tyrant is a new CCG on Facebook where you join guilds with others, take part in raids with friends or duel with you opponents. The game features massive social options and more than 300 cards for your gathering. Resembling exactly what Zynga’s Warstrom obeys, it is a classic and authentic game of the genre and sets against the background of futuristic hi-tech battleground.

You enter into the game with one starter deck with a commander and systematically generated cards. Then you embark on your furious combat against brutal raiders.

Hands-on Preview:

First entering Tyrant, you are about to face an attack because ‘the raiders have been spotted gathering just outside the spire’. Well, just when you think where the tutorial is or how to attack, the next second you’ll find that the ‘attack’ is another name of tutorial.

The tutorial mainly tells the rule of winning, for example, you need to kill the enemy commander to win the battle, and at the same time you need to pay attention to your own commander’s health bar. And a surprising thing happens that the battle is actually the poker game! I’m sure most of players are familiar with the 2D or 3D battle scenes in some normal online games, motives or still pictures, but it’s really my first time to see the battle game uses the means of cards strategically.

You and the enemy pick one card at each turn, while most of cards represent the type of soldiers like infantry, heavy infantry, etc., and all the weapons or equipment like tanks or cannons, etc. And unlike other war games, Tyrant rewards the winners with new cards! Cards here mainly function as weapons, I think. So if you’re wealthy, I mean when you have a lot of the in-game money, don’t forget to buy new cards in the store.

After the first battle, I can have some time to review my interface. It’s simple, with the background image of wars, and the function buttons are listed on the top while you can see early your gold, war bonds, level, energy and stamina. The middle of the interface is a map-like thing, where your new missions are listed. Of course, new missions are still about cards. Planning the cards wisely can lead to the victory. However, I find it quite hard for me to handle this well because nobody teaches me how to use what card first or the next, which should be showed during the tutorials. And the more cards you’ve got, the more possibility for you to win, because the rule of this game is to protect your commander.

Speaking of my own experience, I suggest that you’d better use the most powerful cards first to win faster and gather or buy more cards if you have currency, one card is down and the next one will take the place until you win the battle. Though the players cannot see the actual war scenes, maybe we can feel it by playing the cards and the gun’s shocking sounds.

Just to mention that you can sign in Tyrant by the Facebook account, and there’s always an independent built-in chat panel on your right side, where you can chat with others in the chatting room, and check the basic info of this game, and your own achievements here. Have fun!

Are you fond of collecting cards and fighting? Then War Metal: Tyrant must be satisfying to have them all! summon up your Facebook or Kongregate friends and form a powerful squad or deck. Challenge Now!

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  1. kobisjeruk says:

    A little bit better than Warstorm in that you are able to actually control what you play in battles but alas it has gone down from 300k active players in April to less than 30k this month meaning even with all the additional contents and new expansion people are losing interest in this game.

  2. It was the most tremendous game to play and I just love to play it all the time when I am having spare time. It was because of this website that I have come to know about this post.

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