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War of Angels

War of Angels

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  gamigo
Developer:  Glim
Genre:  Fantasy

Have you been fed up with the sole land combats provided in many MMORPGs? Then why not have a go in War of Angels which tactfully expands its battlefields to the air, land and sea scope? Boredom should have been found nowhere in this game, let me assure you. Permeated with both Japanese comic strips and western animation style, War of Angels has without doubt brought players great amazement since its debut owing to this fantastic mixture of oriental and occidental elements.

The game is published by Neowiz, a company dedicated to the supply of high-quality free-to-play online games, in the core game zones except Europe. At the first step, four fundamental character classes are provided for you to choose from, namely, fighters, rogues, rangers and mages, while chances are that each class can transform to two superior classes according to different kinds of combat. Consequently, fighters would turn into warriors or knights; rogues into scouts or avengers; rangers into hunters or archers; mages into clerics or sorcerers.

Then it high time that the highly-defined 3D graphics and delicate-designed plot came in handy. Similar to most MMO games, combats and quests are the indispensible components of this game. During the accomplishment of the tasks that the NPCs require, you will gradually form the inclination to be good or evil, which at the same time is the prelude for the PvPs and PvEs that are to follow. Numerous quests are just waiting ahead, and each time you are confronted with them, it is to the core up to you to determine your own path as well as your disposition—to be good or bad. Generally, whatever your class is, you are granted with exclusive power and skills to give threatening blows. With your defeating more and more opponents, your power naturally upgrades from threatening to fatal. In additions, as the name War of Angels suggests, the uniqueness lies in its flight combats, that is to say, you will be able to stretch your wings or take advantage of other flying tools available to fight with the flying objects.

Last but not least, never forget the strength of teamwork. At any time, you can cooperate with other players to form a party which will enable all of you to fulfill more challenging tasks.

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