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War of Dragons

War of Dragons

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Publisher:  Mail.ru

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons (War of Dragons) is a browser-based, free-to-play MMORPG that takes you into a fantasy world of Faeo where two dominant races, namely, the Human and the Magmar, are always at odds with each other. Their inevitable animosity and constant feuding which started centuries ago have dragged the whole world into unbearable chaos. Join in one of the two factions, take up weapons and put a stop to this lousy situation!

War of Dragons offers a variety of powerful weapons and defensive armors as well as magic elixirs and cunning agents, helping you to go through tough battles and defeat your enemies.

The battles in War of Dragons differ from each other in the degree of difficulty. There is a huge array of shrewd tricks, special punches and other combat skills for your character to acquire and master. And the combat is exciting and dynamic because the result depends not only on your goals, but also on your decisions, so make choice after elaborate consideration!

We have introduced a series of online games which have been well-established in the German market in recent weeks. War of Dragons belongs to the penultimate batch of our introduction.

The background story of War of Dragons as follows.

The Magmar and the Human fight against each other on the planet Faeo. You choose to support either side and start off an action-packed adventure. The initial goal is to procure a suit of armor and a set of weapons. There are enough items in the in-game store for you to purchase, ranging from a leather breastplate to a greave. But of course, you have to start from scratch.

At the beginning, since you can not afford any weapons, you can only join in bloody fist fights against your opponents. But as soon as you reach the second level, you can acquire some rudimental outfits, such as a stick and a shield. Of course, as you reach higher level, you can unlock more advanced equipments. Just be patient!

As you progress in the game, you may find something strange. That’s right! The initial single-player version turns out to be an absolute group game!

War of Dragons is a gorgeous optical feast. And the graphics is anything but boring. The ‘painting-like’ animated images are also pretty compelling. Additionally, the scenes of quests are consistently gloomy and fit perfectly into the overall picture.

Although the battle system is touted as new and creative, it offers nothing new. Nevertheless, the combat in the game is really classic and captivating. War of Dragons offers many furious action-packed adventures. And there are also numerous special events round for you to discover and explore.

And in War of Dragons, all opponents are played by real people who are just as ambitious and eager to win as you are, so you must go all out in order to secure the ultimate victory. There are different kinds of battles in the game which are mainly categorized into Duel, Group Combat and Tangled War. During a tangled war, you will be dragged into a list where all kinds of wild players are mixed together and start an incredibly chaotic struggle against them.

A disappointing problem of War of Dragons is its well-meaning but not really helpful map system because the in-game world map merely shows the approximate direction. Therefore, the best way is to write down your adventure path from city to city in diagram, so as not to miss the right road.

Are you feeling lonely to go through the hazardous journey all by yourself? Don’t worry! You can get an ancillary character who can accompany your all the way and help you defeat your enemies, but you have to feed him on time and be always nice to him.

As have been mentioned above, there are various useful items, such as pieces of armor and magic potions, which are sufficient to help you smash hordes of monster. If you are temporally overwhelmed by formidable opponents, wait and see if you can vanquish them with only one blow after you have obtained some expensive set of equipments. After you have reached level 10, you can create your unique weapons with the accessible items. How cool it is!

Furthermore, you can customize your character and acquire knowledge of various professionals, such as that of geologist, herbalist and jeweler. Knowledge is power, so put this character development on the agenda!

In the mining areas, you will be attacked at random by greedy foes who want to raid you for resources; hence, you should always be on guard. And it is also advisable for you to acquire all background knowledge about the fantasy world of Feo.

Additionally, War of Dragons offers a very interesting variety of quests, such as finding “the Stones of Revelation” and finding the Atscha boys in a cave full of bats.

But War of Dragons still has an annoying shortcoming. The flash interface is far from smooth, and it takes some transition time to enter into a new area. There is probably a 15-second interval between each switch. We are looking forward to some improvements by the developers!

In conclusion, War of Dragons is an optically enjoyable representative of the genre, but still has some unbearable blemishes. But judging from its overall performance, we have every reason to believe that this game will appeal to thousands of millions of players around the world. Join in War of Dragons now, choose your side and fight your way to victory and glory!

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  1. oko says:

    game isnt that bad but now they have some hostile language rules, pretty stupid

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