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War of Legends

War of Legends

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Jagex
Developer:  Ultizen
Genre:  Strategy

War of Legends is a city building strategy game published by Jagex, the developer of ever popular java-powered RuneScape. The game is not developed by Jagex, but licensed from China-based Ultizen. In order to promote War of Legends, Jagex has also connected it with Facebook using an app called Fanrank, allowing you to earn points by performing simple tasks such as liking our War of Legends page, linking it to your Twitter, and etc.

It completely runs in real-time and requires you to build your village and train your troops, finally dispatch them into the battlefield. However, this is not a fantasy game, but a historical game that takes place in the Chinese kingdoms.

Instead of using AJAX technologies like Jagex’s runescape, War of Legends is codes using flash technology plus web 2.0, working in any web browser without additional installation.

In War of Legends, you will assume the role of a leader to wage wars to your opponent countries and kingdoms. Lead your people through the ages and unlock the secret of ancient China. Shouldn’t you take good care of your people, you would never get acclaimed from your people who produce raw materials for new units, develop new technologies and conquer other kingdoms. Ultimately, you become the legendary warlord in the battlefield.


Home to The Thirty-Six Stratagems, China cherishes a long warring history where belligerent nations fought with cunning strategies and military might for supremacy of the vast wonderland. War of Legends, a real-time MMOSLG published by Jagex Games Studio, takes us to go through a constellation of ancient Chinese mythologies while we are striving to become the glorious legend in the chaotic world.

You start the game by creating your own avatar as an ambitious Lord who aims to take control of the whole land and ascend to a distinguished emperor. The three playable factions are Monk, Seer and Warrior whose gender can be customized to your liking. Additionally, you also enjoy the freedom to choose the landscape where you want to locate your empire, which will surely have a significant influence on your following adventures.

As a typical strategy game, War of Legends gradually reveals itself via resource-collecting, city-building, army construction as well as technological researches. Though all sound quite familiar and cliché, the game still possesses its unparalleled features and attractions. For example, War of Legends offers a lush, open and persistent world map for you to explore. The scenarios are really diverse with Snowy Mountains, Ageless Desert, Tranquil Bay and Lonely Islands, just to mention a few.

At first, you will be busily engaged in constructing your first city. Of course, when you rise higher in rank, you can set up a maximum of five sub-cities which can be used to generate essential resources or train newly-recruited warriors, depending on your blueprint. Every building requires constant endeavor and devotion because it abides by a level system, which means that it can be upgraded and fortified by you. Since your city is in danger of being assaulted by opposing Lords at any time even if you log out of the game, it is necessary to boost up your defense power by erecting some impenetrable turrets.

When you have well dealt with the domestic affairs, you can focus on establishing mutually-beneficial foreign ties. Having created the most powerful alliances, you can venture into the competitive battlegrounds and fight your way to victory. The extensive combat can contains up to thousands of real players at the same time. How magnificent!

Last but not least, War of Legends is free to play, but it still offers a wide variety of advanced items that can be bought with WoL cash or through Jagex micro-transaction. Undoubtedly, paying players will gain multiple advantages, but whatever, it is your choice!

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The features include:

  • – experience a real-time strategy and building game
  • – build up your city and expand your country
  • – culture and train unit and fight against other players
  • – Trade items and conduct diplomacy with your fellow players
  • – form alliances to better protect your city from being attacked
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