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War of the Immortals

War of the Immortals

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Perfect World
Developer:  Perfect World
Genre:  MMORPG

Still hooked to the Battle of the Immortals? Now Perfect World Entertainment has put another action-driven MMOPRG titled War of the Immortals in closed beta. Will this successor surprise us for good or bad? let’s take a brief look at it and you can draw your own conclusion.

Before hands-on playing of the game, the released screenshots display such a graphic style that reminds us of its predecessor and Diablo 3. Yet similarity stays in the superficial level, for the game isn’t played alike to any at all.

Overall 8 playable classes are provided, including the same five types of Berzerker, Champion, Magus, Heretic and Slayer in War of the Immortals and the other three new additions of Duelist, Ranger, and Enchanter. Such a list gives more play to supportive classes if compared with its predecessor, but on the whole remains in the scope of commonplace setup of classes. Class selection together with Zodiac pick is the major part in the character creation phase, for other customization like the face and hair is rather scarce with little variation.

Designed into specific styles of warrior, each class has its irreplaceable role to play in a team, making full use of its own class skills and drawing upon other classes. But the class skill is not dug deep enough, which seems like a purposeful design to lead in the cash shop. Cash shop is the culprit for the imbalance problem. Rich in supplies, the shop provides gears and various types of boost-up not only for players but also for their pets and mounts. Even the decorative items have statistics to better the characters’ performance, let alone other offers.

As in Battle of the Immortals, quick level-up in the beginning is possible just via focusing on questing. But it doesn’t mean it’s fun. It adopts an auto-move design, which allows us to blindly click the quest log and then auto-run to the destination. It certainly saves time but also robs certain fun, especially of players who prefer to act on their own. The quest contents need to be diversified more; after all, killing 50 different types of monster is by no means different from killing one kind. And after upgrading to certain level, it becomes more grinding to reach for higher ones.

The Pet System can’t be possibly missed out. It includes the common mechanics such as the ability, growth rate and rarity, etc for different pets, and also introduces more interaction between pets and masters. Not only can players train pets with combat skills and refine pets into a better version, they are also able to upgrade pets using their own souls or get a reborn pets with higher attributes by melding. Moreover, it’s also available to fuse with pets, which will increase the masters’ stats in combat in the first place while activate the second pet at the same time.

War of the Immortals integrates quite a lot playable elements, such as the marketplace, skillful targeting by players, dungeons of tiered level, quizzes, mounts and so on, besides what’s mentioned above. Yet a great number is not equal to a lot of fun. Anyway, if the core gameplay crumbles, the lesser parts, however well-polished, cannot bring it back to life. And right now, it leaves much to be desired, ranging from the shallow dimensions of character image and too crowded screen with overlapping actions and figures to deeper contents of quest, class skills and balance issue, etc. From closed beta to official launch, how much differences will there be? It’s a question that is only answerable by the game itself.

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  1. liam says:

    How to optain a pet?

  2. deuce says:

    Weak Reviews Lara (both BOI and WOI). I suggest you play the games a bit more before posting reviews.

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