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War of Thrones

War of Thrones

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  GameWave
Developer:  GameWave
Genre:  MMORPG, Action

War of Thrones is a 3D turn-based browser MMORPG created by GameWave and published under the platform of Voomga. The game features a lot that can be found in client-based MMORPGs, but it also has some unpleasant experiences like repetitive scenarios, over-explained tutorial, and auto-tracking mode.

The game is also called Call of Thrones and Conquest of Thrones, but they are supposed to target for gamers of different regions.


It is claimed that there is no need downloading anything in advance. However, I do have waited for quite a while before entering War of Thrones as I have to install a plug-in first. After all the preparation work is done, a delicate picture is unfolded in front of my eyes. To be frank, one important feature that distinguishes War of Thrones from other MMOs is its fully three-dimensional graphics on the web browser, which leave the players a rather decent first impression.

As usual, the developers have considerately designed a series of tutorials for players, especially for newbies. It is true that these words are well-organized, and compared with those in other MMOs, they have been composed in a fairly concise and pertinent way. In addition, those words that require the players’ special attention have been marked with different colors. Right here, I just want to reaffirm the developers’ scrupulousness and thoughtfulness.

However, are all there tutorials really necessary? From the very beginning to the moment when I effortlessly level up to 10, I have seldom referred to any of these instructions. Even for me, a beginner to games of this genre, a “click” sign is sufficient. Therefore, personally speaking, each piece of instruction may be shortened into one sentence to account for the action.

By contrast, the monologues designed for the thieves and monsters in each turn-based combat are rather interesting. As a result, the whole combat atmosphere becomes unexpectedly pleasant although death and damage constantly occur. Furthermore, sometimes I even wish I could not achieve such easy victories over them. In that case, as long as the combat lasts, more funny words will be uttered. Such a feeling of expecting laughters from bloodshed battlefields is a little bit beyond expression.

Another issue to be mentioned is the set of two models of accomplishing tasks—the manual model and the auto model, which are supposed to be inventive. As the names indicate, the major difference between them is in terms of the players’ direct participation. I guess the designers’ original intention is to free the players from any trivial and unimportant labor. Nevertheless, after I click the “Auto” button, I immediately feel like I am no longer the controller of the whole game. Because the game can run as usual, and the character can strike attacks and upgrade as usual, when all my responsibility is just to watch the screen. Is it kidding? The player becomes an outsider? Well, in this case, I would rather give up the auto model in order to make myself feel at home in this game world.

As to the other elements that are commonly found in most MMOs, such as character customization and music, for my part, they are barely satisfactory. In terms of the former, the variation among classes is not sufficient. In terms of the latter, a piece of classic Chinese music is adopted, as the game is developed by a Chinese company. Besides, the music is played leisurely in a cycled way. Therefore, it remains unknown whether it will suit western players’ taste.

Last but not least, the storyline as well as the content are reported to be inspired by the warfare happening in ancient China. However, it seems that the plot has nothing to do with the gameplay, as my hero just keeps running back and forth to defeat enemies and strive for levelup. What is his real identity? What is his contribution to the overall story? After upgrading to the 10th grade with my slightest effort, it is obvious that I anticipate more than what the game can provide.

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