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War of Troy

War of Troy

Release Date:  April 27, 2012
Publisher:  Joyfort
Developer:  Joyfort
Genre:  Strategy

War of Troy is a city-building fighting game developed by JoyFort that has established its brand through The Stratagems. Inspired by the mythological Trojan War, War of Troy takes you to a fantasy world in ancient Greek where different factions fight against each other for hegemony, engulfing the otherwise prosperous world in darkness and chaos.


Though you are longing to lead a peaceful life, you have to take up weapons to stay alive. The moment you set foot on the turbulent land, you realize the importance of owning a fortified city where you can build a booming economy, defend yourself against outside attacks, train a squad of intrepid warriors, and prepare for your military expansion. So, the first step is to claim a patch of unconquered land and construct a series of buildings. Each building has its specific functions in the game, and they can also be constantly upgraded. Besides, you need to take part in missions of all types and levels so as to earn much-needed revenues. The hard-earned money is also advised to be strategically allocated to different parts; otherwise, the weakest point may become the Achilles’ heel to you. As long as you are ready, you can wage wars against your enemies and raid their resources and territories. Really talented players will witness a quick expansion of their land. Will you be one of them?


War of Troy (formerly War of Troia), developed and published by China-based Joyport, is a SLG featuring the notorious Trojan War in Greek Mythology.

Spotting the layout and font of its official website, I murmured “Great, another made-in-China copycat!” before I even entered the game. You can’t blame me for judging a book by its cover because my instinct is the spot-on. After a little digging, the developer Joyport turns out to be a newly-established China-based studio and the game itself shows no major difference from the other strategy games in the market.

Character creation is no great shakes, offering zero customization and a limited choice of avatars. The only agreeable girl profile is borrowed from the arts of Eligium, or so I hear.

Soon as loading completed, I was asked to recruit a hero without given any introduction to the situation. Although the legend of Troy is widely known from west to east, a little heads-up about my role and stance would be nice so I could get into characters and enjoy the story (if there is one). I didn’t realize that I was neither with Troy nor Sparta but more a peacemaker until I reached the end of my first campaign confronting Paris to let go of Helen for the sake of the people and world peace, blah blah blah. It is not that this politically right stance sounds boring but wouldn’t it arouse more competition and excitement among players if they can choose which side to be on? Just a thought.

With that being cleared, the game flow seems to make sense. Like most of the strategy games, War of Troy basically consists of two closely woven parts, developing cities and fighting battles. In the main city, you levy taxes, build area and gather resources to support the heroes; while in the battlefield, your heroes fight in the Trojan War for the Honor, a key attribute for the development of the city. Sticked in one, you can to switch to the other and seek progress. Once defeated, historical figures such as Paris, Helen and Menelaus will be recruitable as your heroes.
The rest of the tutorial goes smoothly. Instead of throwing the instructions all at once, the game breaks it into pieces and breaks them into you only when necessary. The guide of combat formation, for example, wasn’t presented until you recruit the second hero and face a tougher enemy duo.

The graphic is horrible. You’d expect to see the utterly charming Helen and irrationally romantic Paris. Well, there are Helen and Paris but far from what you expected. Paris looks like a red-hair Gandalf in front and an awkwardly equipped soldier in back while Helen, the direct cause of this war, looks like Asian in face and a man in the battlefield.

Overall, War of Troy is a bit fun to play with its legendary conflicting theme and popluar gameplay but the developer still has got a lot to do with those overlapped characters, untranslated texts, inconsistent terms, misplaced buttons and foreseen battle result.

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