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War of Troy Review

Sara Lau
May 1,2012  02:05 by

War of Troy is an empire building game strategy game published by China-based Joyfort Game. The game shifts you attention back to the battlefield of ancient Greek.

Players enter War of Troy as an officer who takes charge in dire situation. A legendary Greek hero will explain the situation that enemy troops are besieging you, and then he will join you and voluntarily lead a small squad to hold off enemy hordes. Afterward, you will have to engage with the first tutorial battle. Battle is turn based automatically with a little animation, there is actually no strategy involved other than ensuring you have a hero who is at a high enough level and have stocked up with overwhelming forces. Although you cannot control your hero’s action in battle, you still need to be concerned with hero’s HP and fury gauges, which are important feedback indicating how you lose or win: the fury bar will fill a modest amount each time your hero lands or take hit, and your hero will use its special move when it fully charges up. Besides, once you have multiple forces to deploy in a battle at the later stage of the game, you will be left the option of arranging your battle formation, choosing one from various options. Each formation grants you different combat bonus. All of those features have been seen in tons of other games of the same genre, so just don’t expect to find any highlights when it comes to gameplay. The visual of the game look about 10 years out of date, and there is no music during combat phases whatsoever, but in terms of the platform you play it on, the flash animation is just ok.

Combat is the core of the gameplay, but war certainly needs support from the back. Base management is also important. War of Troy provides a different style of gameplay in city-building part. You are presented with a virtually empty plot of land, but there isn’t a building list menu that can be accessed either by clicking the empty plots or a button on the game interface.

Instead, when you keep leveling up your town hall, new buildings will be gradually unlocked and automatically come out in their pre-designated building slots. Besides, War of Troy cuts off many procedures in building construction and leveling up. Buildings are done in a blink of moment. Instead, the game introduces the “builder cool-down” mechanism, the overall “builder cool-down” gradually gains more and more each time you level up a building, when the overall “builder CD” reach or exceed a total of 4 hours, you will not able to upgrade any building, but wait for the cool-down to run out. This mechanism is also applied in technology researching and unit recruiting. Also, the ingame premium currency can be spent to instantly cancel builder CD.

War of Troy is very user-friendly with the tutorial, interface is clear and neat, various useful tips pop up in proper timing. For example, when you are defeated in the battle for the first time, you will be reminded of check the possible factors that can turn the battle around: like the basic game mechanism like AFK training, item crafting, and pros and cons of battle units.

The game is still in its closed bata, the combats currently just follow the chronicle events of the Greek mythology and put you into the battlefield against other legendary heroes. Seen from the game interface, there are dungeons and some other time-limited events which are promised to come soon. So players can expert more contents from the game later.

War of Troy is not bad but not outstanding. I will wait to see how the game delivers the multiplayer based dungeons. However, one thing that worries me about this game is the character images displayed in combat phases. I found out most of them are just directly taken from “Heroes Might and Magic 5”. I am not quite sure if the game producer is licensed to use those images. But I don’t ever want to see the game shut down because of the copyright infringement issue.

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