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War Thunder

War Thunder

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  Gaijin Entertainment
Developer:  Gaijin Entertainment
Genre:  Combat, MMO

War Thunder is a free to play air combat MMO from Gaijin Entertainment. The game, which was named as “World of Planes: War Thunder”, bears a strong resemblance to Wargaming.net’s World of Warplanes in terms of gameplay and even the two titles were causing a handful of gamers confused since both of the games were creating their brand using World of Planes. The result is that World of Planes: War Thunder is changed into War Thunder.

The game sets its theme against the backdrop of World War II, offering players a unique experience to operate hundreds of warplanes and vehicles. Players are able to learn flying skills, purchase and upgrade weapons, and join the massive multiplayer battles against thousands of players.

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If you are a history buff, if you have ever dreamed of being a pilot, or if you want to know what it is like to be a flight lieutenant, War Thunder is the one for you among the galaxy of games. It offers you almost every aviation experience you can possibly think of, as you fly through one battle after another in the roaring sky of WWII. In War Thunder, you are free to choose to be solitary tough hero who fights all alone, or to be a great leader of a flight squad!

Numerous planes that are designed accurately according to historical facts will surely give you a thrill, once you see the complicated and ingeniously contrived cockpits, and powerful weapons that can be upgraded. The stimulation will grow as you start your flight into the battlefield where even a scratch on the skin of your plane will be displayed vividly. In addition, you are able to improve your flying skills gradually if only you care to.

No matter if you are in a single-engine fighter, a heavy fighter, or a strafing aircraft, you are sure to get a breath-taking experience, as you can not only see the world unfolding just below you, but also get a great sense of satisfaction once you see your wise choice of sides, your opportune additions of weapons and your good cooperation make victory possible for your sides.

Multiple modes, powerful weapons, accurate historic environments are just a small portion of what War Thunder can promise you. You, a true flying ace!


War Thunder is in the beta testing stage now. If you are interested in joining the beta, you can visit the official website and apply to become a tester.

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  1. Online gaming is a trend and I always prefer to play online games as it is a good way of spending time. I used to play this game with my friends because we really love this game as it is amazing.

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