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War2 Glory

War2 Glory

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Just A Game
Developer:  Wistone
Genre:  Strategy

The world history is in general proceeding in a long, slow haul. Yet specific, single events also can change its course, such as revolution, invention and emancipation, etc. And great influential war battles, such as Roman conquering, the Crusades, and the first and second world wars, to just name a few, are definitely changing history. It is impossible to return back into history in reality; and fortunately it is quite likely to experience the history-changing events in virtual game world. And War2 Glory is one that will bring players back into the battlefields of the Second World War.


War2 Glory, published by Berlin-based Just A Game, is a browser-based real-time strategy online game, which features the traditional city construction and strategy maneuvering against the setting of World War 2. Players can choose either side in the Second World War, that is, Allied forces or Axis forces.

Similar to other strategy games, War2 Glory will provide a small city for players who take up the role of commanders, building and expanding cities to support the front lines of wars. Players will have to plan the layout of their cities and gradually add more necessary architecture. All the constructions in cities can be categorized into two types according to their services; they belong to either the Production zone or the Military sector. Buildings in production zone may include the Farm, Oil Refinery and Metal Plant, which will without exception serve to provide materials and resources. And constructions in military sector are mainly concerning military missions. For instance, Military Institute is where officers are recruited and trained; General Headquarters is the place for issuing orders to dispatch armies; and Radar Station is used to offer detailed information about attacking forces and monitor enemy acts.

There are all together twenty-one different types of buildings available for players to choose from to best serve their cities. And technology research also plays an important role in weapon development as well as resource production; and twenty-one types of research in different fields are offered, open for choice. With a solid foundation laid in the city, players can command their armies to go into war. In this game, players are in charge of overall forty different types of units including infantry, vehicles, aircrafts and ships which are subject to free formation in light with specific situations ranging from land, to sea and to air. No matter players dispatch troops to fight alone or together with alliance, wise and skillful deploy are pivotal to triumph. If a commander can outwit the opponent, it is possible for him/her to win a battle with fewer soldiers and disadvantageous equipment.

World War 2 has already been a decided event written in history. Yet in the simulated War2 Glory, history is waiting to be written by the new generations of militarists.

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  10. grape ape says:

    once again, unable to log on to war2glory, this is becoming a real problem

  11. hagel64 says:

    cant log in-2 days now

  12. greg says:

    why the hell cant i log in

  13. abc says:

    you can log in i am the best

  14. james leach says:

    tried to login for the last two days it says my username is already in use after me using the same info. for three days of starting to build my city .I am going to try again if it dosent work ill find a game i can play without all the bull…. and agrovation

  15. K Canif says:

    the gms of war2glory r corrupt, its under new management and they will give huge troop and research advantages 2 players who pay, they will even go as far as stealing a players account 4 a fee

  16. the game masters on w2glory are corrupt, they allow player to be gms or chat mods and it is easily seen they are bias to certain players , it is a shame it was a great game

  17. game android says:

    one of many of the best strategy games in android

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