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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Crytek UK Ltd
Genre:  MMOFPS

Warface is a first person shooter MMO around the military theme. The game is developed by Crytek that has made many a reward-receiving product such as the prevalent Crysis series based on the technological support of famous CryEngine 1 or 2.

And now with an upgraded CryEngine 3, the new title is without doubt going to present ever better graphics as well as the true-to-life physics which will create a virtual shooting environment that resembles the real life in both architectural outlay and the shooting effect. Tinged with next-generation style, the in-game architecture is portrayed intricately and exquisitely, providing complicate spots for shooters in it to dodge behind blocks, occupy vantage points to fire and move rapidly around to fight on the go, all contributing to an intense film-like experience.


Don’t even have the slightest thought that one may survive this world by sheer luck. Bullets rain and bombs bang. For tough guys, it is a shame to be shot from behind, and in fact the surest way to stay alive is to hold the ox by the horn rather than taking heel from battle. So, whoever is ambitious to grow to a dead shot in Warface ought to rehearse a series of actions, namely, to get the gun loaded, aim at the target, pull the trigger and move to next, so as to become a legend that is still alive.

Against the challenging shooting environment play onstage no less challenging scenarios, in which the chasing game will boil the blood and take breath away. In the highly competitive matches, players’ life is counted by second, for the heart that beats a second ago may stops in the next. So to make full use of every second, players can immerse in the fluid, fast move to experience the thrill of hunting or being hunt. Apart from the intense PvP competition, players can at the meantime engage themselves in extensive PvE fighting mode, which is not rich in AI or NPC to bullet down but also abundant with many a grand mission that can only be finished by co-operation of multi-players.

As it is developed by Crytek’s studio in South Korea, Warface is originally meant to aim at players in Korea and other Asian countries, Tencent being its exclusive publisher in mainland China, that much we know so far. Yet it is also reported that this highly-expected FPS will be released in West as well around 2012. So we just have to wait to see the real face of Warface then.

Still, the international version is unavailable, but you can try Perfect World’s Blacklight Retribution.

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  1. I really love playing online games as it is the only way to spend a great time with friends. I am very glad to have this game because I was looking for it and it was really hard to leave this game and take rest.

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