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Warflare is Launching Free Beta Test

Sara Lau
Jun 12,2014  03:06 by

The highly anticipated browser-based game Warflare is finally launching its beta test server later this June. Fast-paced battles, quick upgrades and innovative gameplays of Warflare can be a breakthrough in the field of browser games. A new round of battles is waiting. Make sure to be there with everyone else!

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Warflare is a high quality browser-based 3D MMORPG. 2nd Gen graphics engine ensures player the delicately detailed gaming graphics that can be compared to console games. Its unique equipment evolution, astro souls, siege battles and various dungeons will surely change your expectation of a browser game.

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In Warflare equipments are various and beautifully made. And players could even choose to fly above the clouds and dive into the deep seas. Mages teleporting from one world to another, archers seeking chances from distance, knights showing off their ancient sword… you will witness everything along your journey.

Stay tuned and be there when it starts!

WarFlare official website: http://warflare.gamebox.com/
Gamefuse official website: http://www.gamefuse.com/
Gamebox official website: http://www.gamebox.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gameboxcyou

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3 Comments on Warflare is Launching Free Beta Test


  1. Gamer says:

    This game is a complete rip-off from mu online and several other games.

  2. iOS 10 says:

    The game is so boring and waste of time. I am going to get rid of it after getting iOS 10 Beta 5 Downloadon my devices.

  3. rushmyessay says:

    I like to spend most of my time playing this game because it has been the best thing to have some entertainment. I really like to know more about the hidden features of this game.

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