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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Dovogame, Lekool, Hithere
Developer:  Dovogame
Genre:  Strategy

The “Three Kingdoms” or Romance of Three Kingdoms is one of the best known and best strategy games series. The single-player, and multiplayer game version was published ten years ago in China and across the rest of the world. The free online versions of “Three Kingdoms” were springing up enormously since then. But now, the developers of this theme plan to inject new elements to this classic brand.

Free online game “Warflow” is all about to build castles and fight NPCs and players using your strategy like train army, send spy, dispatch your troops and form alliances, as well as defend your castles by engaging siege wars, state wars, and prolonged campaign.

Special feature:

In the online game Warflow, many ancient Chinese adventurers, commanders and Generals connect with each other in the contest. With the increasing power of villages and towns, you can expand your city and castle further and further. Mighty castles ensure the protection of farmers, artisans and citizens. By fending off the outer invasion, you should put you into the war-torn battlefield where heroes fight heroes.

Initially, a small village is selected, consisting of only a few buildings. On a world map where all other cities are located, you can easily find Chinese ancient kingdoms such as Wei, Shu, Wu. And any location can be determined using your mouse.  If you have rare knowledge of strategy games, you might need a guide to instruct you how to proceed in the next steps. Warflow is just all for newbie-friendly interface, featuring an omniscient advisor who reveals you in an agreeable manner, which constitutes the most important game element.

How to play:

On the screen are located in your own village, where you can manage your resources, organize troops, do research, and interact online. Br browsing through all interfaces and clicking every buttons offered, you can get more details of how the game works. Like how to store up your resources, how to make an order in the market? In a word, you can find all detailed information in the very beginning.

It is important that your people should be cared for much as you will need them to produce resources and supplies. But remember, do not levy too much taxes, which may lead to the lack of their loyalty.


The lords of the castle are open to many possibilities. He can sit on the trade, equip the army more or spy other castles. One important area is research lab where you can conduct all, commercial, military, agricultural and educational.

The graphics:

The map provides an important guide, but that does not mean you can get the best strategy guide from guide. Be sure the best strategy is in your heart and your research into the game. All characters are well designed to suit all realistic character images, which may be reminiscent of the movies and TV Series.

“Warflow” can be played for free on the Internet by registering an account. The Premium edition is not available for rich players, but other virtual items are supported in the shopping mall of Warflow.

The game was brought to web browsers by several publishers including Lekool, GameDP, Hithere, Kongregate, YooGames, PowerMMO, PreferPlay, Yeepgame, 337.com.

In Dovogame alone, there have been 15 servers hosted worldwide.

List of Publishers:

1, DovoGame , the developer – http://warflow.dovogame.com/

2, Lekool, http://warflow.lekool.com/

3, http://www.kongregate.com/games/WarFlow/warflow


5,  http://wf.hithere.com/

6, http://wf.gamedp.com/index/

7, http://warflow.powermmo.com/

8, http://warflow.preferplay.com/

9, http://www.yoogames.com/warflow/

10, http://www.yeepgame.com


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