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Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942

Release Date:  01/18/2012
Publisher:  Looki
Developer:  Playzo GmbH

Wargame 1942 is a solid browser-based strategy online game where you can immerse yourself in the eventful era of WWII and fight for the survival of all mankind.


Since the developer behind Wargame 1942 is previously known for Desert Operations, this new military simulation has been under the spotlight even before its official release. Now fans of war-themed games finally get the chance to march to the historic battlefield because Wargame 1942 was officially launched on January 21, 2012.

The two powerful factions, namely, the Allied and the Axis, are dragging the whole globe into unrelenting chaos with the aim of building a new world order. Are you the legendary hero who can settle the conflicts and bring peace to the land? Choose one side, train brave warriors, build strong alliances, and win victory and glory! But the journey to success is far from easy. It calls for perseverance, wisdom, faith and courage.

First and foremost, you have to produce a large amount of resources by engaging in agricultural production or raiding your opponents. Resources are of greatest importance to the outcome the best online casino war because they can be used to expand your empire and troops. Additionally, you can also trade your extra resources in the market so as to make investment in more urgent sectors.

History has taught us a very useful lesson: friends are great wealth and treasure. Believe it or not, it makes more sense during wartime! So, it is advised that you should forge unbreakable alliances with trustworthy friends from all over the world. If you succeed in building an advantageous network, you can definitely conquer most hardships along your way to triumph. Friend in need is friend indeed. When your allies are caught in distress, you are also expected to come to their rescue in time!

Undoubtedly, the core of the game is to establish an invincible unit of troops which can lead you to smash your foes and achieve final success. There is a hodgepodge of military units, such as tanks, infantry and airplanes, competing against each other in the flaming land. In order to get well-prepared for all kinds of situations, you must unleash your strategic thinking and mix your troop with diverse talents. Only in this way can you overcome unexpected crises on the merciless battlefield.

What’s more, you also need to make full use of your spare time to gradually build and fortify your base where you can accommodate your heroes and conduct scientific researches.

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5 Comments on Wargame 1942


  1. Guest says:

    Looki also have Desert operation on many servers and they are NOT taking care of the players.
    Looki only care about the players to buy diamonds and do not care if Desert operation doesn´t work correctly.
    The game Desert operation is on many servers and many languages. On most servers Looki have upgraded the trade so that you can not buy at a low price and then sell at high prices. But NOT in the Swedish server, this means that new players are cheating and are being boosted by the older players with plenty in the bank. In this way, the new players have as much money as the players who played in maybe a year but not cheated.

    What are Looki doing about it? NOTHING!!!

    Looki have a useless support that only respond is "I Will Investigate the account. Thank you for reporting it to support". And then they do nothing about it.

    The person responsible for the Swedish server at Looki is John Soberany (john.soberany@nextidea.de), doesn´t care. He knows about the problem but do nothing about it!

    One can wonder if John and his UK support also play desert Operation and in the alliances that are cheating….?

    Be careful to join Wargame1942 because Looki is a crappy company!

  2. brian says:

    im locked out aswell

  3. Labcritter says:

    Wargame 1942 game support is a bunch of egotistical self-minded game Nazis. They lock player accounts based on their speculations. Support reads your in game messages and if they even suspect that there is a rule violation, they lock you. Then they ignore your requests for an explanation. I would recommend you find another game, One in which the gestapo admins do not perform witch hunts on their paying players.

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