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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Release Date:  2012
Genre:  MMORPG

The Warhammer family, a series of combat-driven role-playing MMOs, is going to be enlarged by the arrival of a new member titled “Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes“, which is successive to the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) launched in 2009. Though set against the similar Warhammer fantasy setting and basic storyline, each particular franchise certainly differs from one another in the highlighted main contents. In contrast to the Realm versus Realm (RvR) as the focus of WAR, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is mainly going to take players into PvP arenas.

Still under the same developer and publisher respectively known as Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts with other Warhammer series, this new comer maintains the characteristic features in terms of graphical style and typical heroes with their items. With regard to its business mode, it is labeled as free-to-play with mirco-transactions included for players to buy certain in-game advantages if they are willing to.

As mentioned already, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes focuses on the PvP combat mode. Unlike other warfare-themed online PC games (RIFT, or WOW, Guild War 2), it presents a not very common 3-party involved in the battleground. While it is widely-acknowledged that triangle is the most stable graph in geometry world, it is definitely another story in the three-way combat frontline. To win over an ally may suddenly outweigh other factors as the most decisive variable in a battle; and the formation of an alliance and the break-up of it is likely to bring about unpredictable changes to the fast fierce action. To engage in the 18-member chaotic campaign of 6v6v6, players are allowed to swap their heroes among different classes halfway in mid-match. All in all, the final goal for players is to make full use of strategic plans to top the leaderboard.


Warhammer Online – Wrath of Heroes (WOH) is a fast-paced F2P action-packed MMO that puts players in fights for their lives against each other. The game is a spin-off of Bioware’s famous Warhammer franchise; and it’s a redefining online spin-off that allows thousands of players to experience a sensation of different play-style. The scenario that players experience with WOH is just part of the major gameplay in most MMORPGs.

However, the game is quite different from the traditional MMORPGs in which players spend most of the time building up their characters. Instead, it just gets rid of the repeating and boring level-grinding tasks and puts players into blood-splashing deathmatch-style PvP battles.

Upon launching the game, players are presented with the battle lobby with a large arsenal of options to choose from. You can chat with other players online, review WOH information, purchase premium currency and browser item shops, configure the game setting, and review heroes information.

Before entering the battle, you get to purchase heroes coming with preloaded sets of attributions and skills. Heroes are quite different from each other based on their roles in the team. Tanks, healers, casters, nimble characters and jack-of-all-trades class are all can be found. The game does not have the feature of equipping characters with gear slots, but it still comes with the talent tree system; although skill icons are grayed out and “skill point allocation” feature is temporarily not available during the OBT. This means PvP battles will be more fair and balanced without levels, attributes and equipments difference between players. The game also has a tutorial covering the basic controls like using AWSD to move, rotating camera view, using quick skills, and most veteran players can just bypass this step.

You may quickly draw the conclusion that the game is greatly inspired by World of Warcraft upon entering the battle field. The game interface, character drawing and background layouts out there bear much resemblance to WoW’s arenas, but it still adds its own twists. WHO features 3-sided free-for-all combats- you team up with the other 5 players and against up to two other teams, each side with six players.

Depending on the map, the winning goals differ. Some maps feature several neutral nodes. So players should then head to them as soon as possible in order to capture and gain control of them, which is a way to gain team points. This means that your team’s attention really needs to be in two places all the time, because if the other two “coincidentally” launch simultaneous flank attacks on both sides of your team, you will quickly lose control of your node. Besides, successfully killing an opponent can also reward you with some team points. The team who gains the highest score during the given time frame ranks the first. A nice touch is that, players can actually choose to swap between their heroes while they are waiting for the countdown to the next respawn. So, by allowing sending in substitute characters with completely different features, you can quickly switch to a new strategy that fits the current situation.

The three-way combat is consistently thrilling and compelling compared with traditional two-sided PvPs, and is also unpredictable. A stronger team with an overwhelming kill-to-death ratio against the other two might not be always the one who can laugh at last. Without proficient skills, they may both turn against the stronger team and turn things around by their sheer number. “I’m not gonna win, but I will never let you win, so I’m going to ally with them”, a player said.

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The classical formula has been seen from time to time. Developers make a game where you beat other people, and it’s ”usually” fun. WOH is probably one of the most inspirational online games emphasizing on the exclusive PvP-only feature.

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    Shame it died. It was great while it lasted. warhammer 40k news

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