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Warrior of the Nemesis

Warrior of the Nemesis

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Warrior of the Nemesis, a 2.5D fantasy-themed MMORPG, incorporates well-crafted professions, thrilling real-time combat and innovative system design into a remarkable package. Though Warrior of the Nemesis is created by a Chinese developer, it can instantly bring you to an exotic realm because the game is based on classic Western mythology and aesthetics.

Set against the miraculous continent of Atlantis, Warrior of the Nemesis features the action-packed struggles of four factions, including Warrior, Wizard, Archer and Foreteller, against a dark legion which is rushing out from a crevice and threatening all the living creatures on the land.

As long as you set foot on this exotic world, you are asked to choose your profession from four available options, each of which boasts its unique skills and abilities. In detail, Warrior is born to win tough combat with his dauntless attitude, incomparable defense and high harm output. He can wield a sword and a shield to protect his comrades. Wizard is a manipulator of natural elements. Though weak in self-defense, he is still an indispensable part in a team because of his incredible control of magic and free range of attack. Archer is dexterous and deft in shooting his opponents to death from afar. He tends to turn the table during a losing conflict. And Foreteller is well-respected in a team for his magic rod, precious pearl and great wisdom. He is usually the leader among his teammates, so you should feel lucky if you have a Foreteller in your team.

Starting from level 25, you can create your own legion or join in an existing one. In this way, you can get yourself closely involved in the fierce battles between virtue and vice. By fulfilling legion quests and taking part in all kinds of activities, you can get tons of experience points and energy points which enables you to feed animals, learn skills and buy items in your military base.

Undoubtedly, war is the eternal theme in the fantasy world and PVP activities are the daily routine of Warrior of the Nemesis. To achieve the final success, you will be dragged into unceasing fight for resources and strongholds. Hundreds of skills have to be unlocked to boost up your force. Countless monsters and bosses have to be slain on a daily basis. Are you ready for such ordeal? Don’t panic! You don’t need to go through all of these by yourself. Warrior of the Nemesis allows you to make up to 150 friends who you can chat with directly.

If you are interested in this game, don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

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  1. Josef Bryan Plaza says:

    I want this game!!! Im waiting for this game for so long!!!

  2. sharillian says:

    when it release im so excited

  3. Araf says:


  4. jericho says:

    there's no other languages..no English version f it….???

  5. They are fabulous! I love the warrior's outfit. I don't know what he's playing, but I'm pretty sure it's sweet . . . AND EVIL. Appreciate with it. Great Game/ ! keep it up! . ! Awesome.

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