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Warriors of Atlantis

Warriors of Atlantis

Release Date:  April 20, 2013
Publisher:  YIpeegame
Developer:  YIpeegame
Genre:  RPG

Warriors of Atlantis, also known as Everlight, is an adventure RPG from YipeeGame behind games like Saga of Hero. The game features a Greek storyline, a great reservoir of quests, and multiple upgradable skills. However these are not enough to lift it out of disgrace. On the contrary, somewhat piecemeal story, lackluster actions, and unoriginal gameplay betray that it is nothing but a cheap and unattractive retread which is likely to bore you too soon.


Warriors of Atlantis is a flagrant sham. If you have ever played Yitien, you had better not get into the game in the first place, because if you do, you will be seeing a game that is nearly identical if not worse. The same kind of pet–panda, the same mount–a horselike creature with four extremely strong legs, and even the same enemies such as poisonous vines fill me with a determined disgust, so much so that I would not recommend this game to any one at all. After all, why would you waste your time in a dry game that has nothing to recommend itself when there are hundreds of worthier entries in adventure role-playing games with similar themes, like Throne of Myth?

As far as fictional worlds are concerned, rift of time is not a rare occurrence. Well, it happens in Warriors of Atlantis too, together with the familiar dark forces that aim to break through this chasm and reduce the land to ruins. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. What else can you expect from this game other than familiarity? It is shocking that it does not even bother to throw in some twists, even only a few, to placate gamers’ rage over its blatant plagiarism.

Four classes are there to fight against those evil forces like the centaurs, poisonous vines and more, and they are familiar too, though understandable and acceptable. Warriors are born with formidable strength, great health and incredible damage soaking ability, which makes them perfect melee fighters. The swift and nimble Rangers with poor defense are unfavorably pitched in close combats, but their agility may well compensate for this vulnerability. Prophets can wield powerful magic and are exceptionally smart, therefore they have the potential to be great leaders. The fourth class is Mage, who can work elements to her advantage and has a great attack range. However, if you are particular about your avatar’s gender, you may find your choices limited to two.

After choosing a class, you are off on your quests, ranging from simple ones like going to confabulate with a certain person, fetching a special kind of herb medicine for the wounded, to more breathtaking ones like fighting with centaurs. Generally speaking, the game manages to string these quests together, but still there are some points where you can just feel out of clues. Cutting in the middle of a killing quest to pick up a skill or evolve your mount will surely affect your playing experience in an unfavorable way, and long streaks of non-action quests may set you wondering if you are really here to kill evil monsters to save the land. Even at its best, the game struggles to strike a chord in you with its samey and tepid actions.

In order to defeat enemies, you will need skills that are always at your disposal. But they do not come easily, as you may predict. You must be ready to be on the run all the time to finish one quest after another in order to be awarded with a skill book, which you cannot expect to happen frequently. You need to learn the skill before it goes to your skill slots. And they don’t get updated automatically either. You must reach a certain level, gain enough proficiency points, spend a fixed amount of in-game currencies, and put in some energy before you get a higher-level skills, which means the more frequently used skills can get updated sooner. This skill tree gives you more motivation to go into the fray, through it is not unique to this game.

As mentioned above, pets and mounts are your companions. They assist you by dealing damage by your side, sharing attacks from foes, or speeding you up. But you need to take care of them and make them stronger to help them survive. Just as you have attributes like HP, attack, defense, and hit etc, they have their own too, which are more or less the same as yours though with slight variations. You can evolve them, enhance them, and help them to learn skills, so that they can better protect themselves. What’s more, since you are allowed to own more than one pet and one mount, you may make use of the merging system to blend the best traits of them into one. This is a great feature, though it is far from enough to make this game worth of your time.

Warriors of Atlantis is an uncreative retread with trite themes. Through it sports a vast world map where you have lots and lots of quest to do, you may find it unappealing due to shortage of highlights that it may claim as its own.

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