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Warriors Saga

Warriors Saga

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Yoogames
Developer:  Wooduan
Genre:  MMO

Warriors Saga is a free Chinese browser-based MMORPG that is inspired by Chinese famous novel Journey to the West. Developed by Chinese online game studio WooDuan and published by DragonsMeet, Inc under Yoogames, Warriors Saga promises a worldwide push on the combination of Chinese cultures and MMORPG by using turn-based battles, pet system, and hero progression mode.

Originally launched in China under the title 飘渺西游, Warriors Saga has opened nearly 50 servers in Wan5d.com alone. Plus its affiliated version hosted by 51Wan.com, 96PK.com and game5.com , Warriors Saga whose servers has passed 100 has been localized into multiple language versions including English, Thai, Japanese and Korean language.

Playing “Web browser MMORPG Warriors Saga” is to be reminded of Massively multiplayer Online Game Zodiac Online, which had been published by Ingle Games. Take the class system for example, zodiac Online has 12 Chinese animal signs while Warriors Saga has 12 characters available for your selection. A game based on Journey to the West, but associated with Zodiac Online? How does it become a browser game? Is it worth playing?

With respect to the gameplay, I should say Warriors Saga does not offer too much original and innovative elements. Yet when it comes to web technology, it is made with ridiculously advanced programming, as it turned out when you firstly entered the game. I mean the magnificent colors and bizarre totems gives a psychedelic feeling.

Each time I play a new game, I used to compare a game with another one. And in a similar fashion Warriors Saga resembles MMO Games including Zodiac Online, Forsakia, Neverland Online, Grand Epic Online.

If yoogames targets this game to those office workers as their strategy games like Caesary, Lord of Ages and Batheo did the way, this cute game may not work well for them for Warriors Saga feels as a toy game or mini game as little characters roams around in the game.

So you may wonder how about this game? I am an adult so I am not interested in kid game. But is it suitable for kids? Not Yet, actually! It contains addictive gaming mode, skill-based level up, and a bunch of purchasable items.

Does it tells a great Chinese story? Not yet either! Due to the cultural difference, Warriors Saga Online fails in the following reasons:

1, Old-fashioned gameplay

2, Poorly executed translation

3, Inconsistent ingame keywords.

4, Turn-based battles that cost too much time to prepare for.

Chinese official website :http://pmxy.wan5d.com/

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  7. […] Warriors Saga is an MMORPG with the turn-based element. In the year 626 in Tang dynasty, chaos of demons, immortals and humans prevailed. […]

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    I love playing online games as they seem so fascinating and interesting and it is the best way to spend time. I have played this game with my friends and honestly it was hard to leave this game for us.

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