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Release Date:  2011/10
Publisher:  Silverlode Interactive
Developer:  Silverlode Interactive
Genre:  Real-time strategy

Heroes of Warspire (or Warspire) is a collectible fantasy RTS game characteristic with PvP-oriented combat, in which all six factions compete for dominance, dispatching various units led by heroes in real-time military action. The game is now in the beta testing phase, but players can still access an almost final version.

Made by Silverlode Interactive, Warspire is a kind-of follow-up of the very developer’s previous flagship MMORTS titled SAGA. Not a follow-up or sequel in the true sense in fact. The new game boasts the same rich fantasy setting, the similar designs in factions and the common gaming mechanics of PvP. But it manages to surpass its predecessor in some aspects and more importantly, shift its focus on the core gameplay as well. In the following is the brief account of what it is.

Undoubtedly including the tactic battling play, Warspire also highlights city-building and quest-taking, the former system entailing the management of a nation in the style of the Sim City and the latter allotting missions to be done so as to level up and expand. Heroes of Warspire simply leaves out the two parts and narrows down to solely focus on individual PvP matches. All the gameplay spins around head-on real-time strategy action: build a powerful army made up of different units and select the best hero to lead them into victory in war. The destiny of a whole nation lies in the hand of the military power. And only through fighting will the units and heroes (equivalent to the nation) gain more ability, raise rating and level up.

During the beta phase, only two of the six factions are available: the Light and Undead. And PvP battles in beta starts from 1vs1 and 2vs2 modes and a tutorial is also a helpful lead-in. The battle pitting players against each other bears certain similarity with Age of Empires in that each match involves both defense and wise use of resources gained by exploration and combat to win.

Combat is backed by a passable sound-track and pleasing scenarios. Graphics follows the same fantasy style of SAGA, but shows a full 3D environment with much greater visual effect.

Heroes of Warspire is free-to-play, but also driven by micro-transaction. Online store provides additional troop types, spells and other exclusive items, which needless to say will bolster the strength of an army. Run on the Unity 3D engine, it is ambitious to bring high-resolution graphics to systems of all levels, even those with low configuration.

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