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Release Date:  2007
Publisher:  Chimera Entertainment GmbH
Developer:  Chimera Entertainment GmbH
Genre:  Fantasy

The game takes place in the browser during the Second World War. Bravely fight with the heroes of the liberation of Europe! Badges are a symbol of your courage …

In the warfare browser game Warstory, you will come back to the war-torn battlefield where you as a soldier try to survive horrors of the Second World War. You shoulder the responsibility to fight in jeopardy for the liberation of Europe. Prove your skills in combat in the strategy-centric WARSTORY – Europe in Flames.

There are over 50 different units and components for a variety of weapons. Take on the role of warrior and collect as many badges as possible. Only in this way can you prove you are much more powerful than the other warriors who also are fighting with courage and bravery.

Before embarking on your first campaign on warstory, you much to decide which side you prefer to join – the U.S. side or EU? After you complete the selection of characters, you can build your first camp and start expanding. With a relatively strong alliance’s support, you can co-campaign to fight for the liberation of countries.

Warstory is a browser strategy game, where you expect a battle in real-time like WW 2 warfare and WWII Assembly.

What strikes players in the following exploration and campaign, is Warstory offers a wide collection of 50 different battlefields where your soldiers are able to gain better skills by eliminating the enemies.

Use the map and explore Europe.

In other regions, you have different missions that you can perform in order to train or practice your soldiers. During the battle with the enemies, you mush deploy your strategy, select and send units to the battlefield. The disappointing part in the game is you will have to take longer to attack the remote planes and bases. Needless to say, your troops should be commanded and bossed by officers and commanders that can be hired in the relevant buildings.

Warstory qualifies one of most addicting browser strategy games and the gameplay follows the basics of the settlers Online. Craft your weapons  and liberate Europe!

Official website: http://warstory.bigpoint.com/en

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