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Release Date:  June, 2012
Publisher:  Proficient City, R2Games, 7Road, GameBox, Kabam
Developer:  7Road
Genre:  City Builder, MMORPG

Wartune (Chinese: 神曲) is browser-based fantasy game with hybrid gameplay revolving around city building, single player training, multiplayer-based campaign exploring, and dungeon brawling. As the lord of the city, you need to expand your city, develop your economy and raise powerful armies to defeat demon hordes.

The game, originally published in China, is developed by 7Road, the maker of DDTank and It will be published in North America by R2games, a China-based gaming company behind anime RPG Crystal Saga.


Pros: Great graphics, tactical semi-real-time based combat, in-depth and complex gameplay.

Cons: There are too many game mechanics. If players want to stay competitive in the game, the game will eat up a lot of time.

To be honest, I have never been as immersed in a Chinese game as I did in Wartune. Most of Chinese games lack diversification and variety and they could barely arouse my interest. I pick up the game the moment when I caught a glimpse of its screenshots released on official site. Upon entry, the game did not fail me with its nice artwork: the detailed 2.5D isometric layout of scenes, vivid visual effects like flapping clothes and hairs, various monsters from cute-looking mobs to ferocious bosses.

Basically, I navigated my character around the screen using simple point and click manner. When I
ran into a wandering mob, then I was thrown into the combat scene. Wartune adopts a unique semi-real-time system, which adds the twist of timing-based strategy for executing commands. Compared with the old turn-based system, it is much faster and allows characters to take actions simultaneously. In the combat, players control the commander character while other combat units act in accordance with their AI. When players take an action, they need to tap on a skill icon from the quick slots to execute a skill. A maximum number of 5 skills can be registered in the quick slot.

The combo system is an engaging feature that enables players to coordinate attack with AI controlled units by issuing timely action commands to the protagonist, or hero as the game suggests. The system encourages players to perform consecutive attacks in order to earn more damage and EXP bonus. However, I found that timing is pretty difficult because of the introduction of the skill activation time. And it’s weird that skill activation time cannot be noted from skill description. Moreover, there isn’t any action gauge indicating how soon characters are going to act.

Another breakthrough feature in the game is that, skills consume rage instead of mana. Players build up Rage by hitting and killing enemies. Generally, rage is generated from normal attack, while skills consume rage.


Players need huge amount of resources to maintain military spending. Resources gained from quests rewards and plunder may not always enough. In the game, they have a new alternative choice. The game features a full-fledged virtual farming simulation with ample bells and whistles. The Farm unlocks when players reach Lv.11. They can plow plots of land, seed them, and harvest what grows.

This simple three step mechanic is at heart of the farming system. Resources that can be yielded from Farm are: XP, gold, daru and kyanite. Daru is used to upgrade the level of combat units, while kyanite is indispensable in technology researching.

Once players finish their daily crop planting duties, the game also tries to make sure it still has plenty to offer to keep players entertained. Players can also access friends’ farms and help them with watering, killing pests and weeding, which earn them with Farm XP to level up their own farms in order to unlock more empty plots. Needless to say, players will have enough friends to make it happen. This may annoy those who don’t play the game very often.

Tree of the Ancients

Farming isn’t the only social aspect the game has to offer. From the Tree of the Ancients window, players can visit their friends’ farms by clicking their names in Friends List. The Tree of the Ancients is a symbol of life giving resources that sustain and nourish people, and it requires energy to keep it activated. Players can click on friends’ trees to give them energy in order to get them activated and vise versa. Once the required numbers of friends (which increase along with the Farm Level) have helped to charge the tree, players need to wait for 24 hours before they can click on it to claim gold, kyanites and vouchers (ingame currency).


The abyss mode is a new feature which I have barely seen before in other games of the same genre. The abyss is unlocked in city when players reach Lv.20 and it is a single-player survival mode built of 100 levels. Defeating the guardian of each level will allow players to challenge the next one. Players can exit any time during a scenario. Completed scenarios cannot be replayed unless players press the reset button to clear out the abyss challenge data. Computer-controlled enemies progressively increase in strength. So, if players fail to clear a scenario, they can’t challenge the scenario again until completing the objective. I loved the Abyss system, because it allowed me to get into the action faster, and provided with intense gameplay in shorter sessions.


Despite of the fact that it seizes every opportunity to promote and make a fortune, Wartune excludes typical annoyances in Chinese MMORPGs, while incorporating comprehensive gameplay and adopting semi-real-time group combat and diversified currency systems. Overall, it is a game you should never ignore.

List of Publishers:

R2Games:  http://wartune.r2games.com/

Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/R2Games/wartune

Proficient City:  http://www.wartune.com/index.html

Kabam:: https://www.kabam.com/games/wartune

Aeriagames: http://www.aeriagames.com/playnow/wtnus

Friendster: http://www.friendster.com/games/ds

GameBox: http://wartune.gamebox.com/

52 Comments on Wartune


  1. cconander says:

    test game is very nice… however the service in the test server suck… GM never reply and help to fix my problems.. still stuck at lv 26 due to game freeze

  2. Guest says:

    + complete atmosphere, detailed graphics
    – force of chars is from gear mostly.

  3. Guest says:

    Had high hopes for this game. Everything looks great, the people that play are helpful but the service side is horrid. Broken quest link keeps you from continuing the quest line. No reply from anyone in 3 days. Giving it 2 more days then removing it from my favorites list.

  4. xFreedom says:

    i am playing in closed beta server as xFreedom (lvl 23 till now)
    it is one of the best i have played , fast paced and with so many things
    it gets quite time consuming monster ;P

  5. Neckbeard McGee says:

    I was expecting an orgy. Am disappoint.

  6. gfd says:

    I came for the orgy also

  7. john lord says:

    nice character

  8. anon says:

    They are stealing music from Skyrim and Vindictus, probably some more that I don't know of

  9. wartune fan says:

    good game but need better graphics

  10. chris7ba says:

    The orgy is a lie.

  11. Paul Croft says:

    Simply does not work at all in firefox, I think the flash update for firefox broke it and every other web/facebook game. It works on IE but you cannot see the whole screen so cannot click some of the options. Looks interesting though.

  12. Bernelli says:

    very nice game

  13. Niala says:

    I can't believe game developers are still trying to appeal to us towards their games with stuff like (and not limited to) ; ''You deserve an orgy, today.'' , Female characters with breast cleavage that even both my pickles couldn't fill if I tried.

    I don't give a rat's arse if the game looks good, has bugs, or not. I won't even bother trying this joke of a game because the developers insult my intelligence believing I would waste my time on this load of shit.

    Besides most of them can't make a new game without being a ripoff from some other game, good or bad.

    Be original, start from scratch and make something new. MMO fans don't ONLY like MMOs… Bakka!

  14. Wartune sucks says:

    Avoid the game. Customer service is horrible. Cash shop horribly overpriced.

  15. killerz says:

    Could be a good game but it lacks one huge thing every mmorpg has out there..

    A trading / auction house system

    That's right, there is no way to sell stuff yet they have many items unbound but it's pointless because you have to toss so much good gear or run out of inventory room.

    And when they do get one added they say in a few months it will be cash only to be able to sell your items so I doubt many people will stick around them.

  16. old says:

    its a pay for win game.. repetitive like hell.. unbalanced classes, if u wont pay real money wont stand a chance.. just a good looking game untill u realize after awhile its a crap game that copies other games features etc

  17. daveniamccoy says:

    this my game right here

  18. ghfd says:

    nice game…fntastic

  19. disari says:

    the game is overpriced… it is a great game but is going to fail because of prr ice point vs. value. greed.. but they would sell more at the lower prices and have more players use cash… chinese need to work out capitalism.. i have a level sixty char on the game and am really thinking of quitting because of pricing vs. other games just as good.

  20. junot says:

    come on my friend's play in the game..

  21. how ya how to be balens?

  22. Darkmanta says:

    I keep geting cut off the game

  23. Kitwritten says:

    Wartune is a scam i work there and i know don't waste your money

  24. Hanna says:

    The game have so many Glitches and you can loose the money you put buying their Balem

  25. KnowingEyes7 says:

    The game is nice but all the glitches and the poor support make it very bad.
    i played for a bit than gave up after i ran into so many issue

  26. SaraLee says:

    Well I'm only level 16 so I can't really say what the entire game is like but what I've seen so far is very Warcraft-like. Green gear, blue gear, purple gear and of course orange gear… most of which have gem sockets… you can enchant them though it works much differently to WoW's enchanting, basically pay a bit of gold and the enchantment will likely be successful (depending on the % chance of success which in turn depends on the level of the enchant etc)

    Have to say I actually haven't played an MMO besides WoW so I don't know if WoW ripped anything off but in spite of this Wartune game doing so it's still a nice game 🙂 if you ignore the fact that you have to pay extra for the really nice gear (at least that I've seen so far…)

    I thought of buying a package containing amongst other things 2 legendary (orange) rings… until i found out that it would cost me £27! For that amount I could just buy a real game and get
    everything it offers included in that price. 27 quid for what is basically a few extra bonuses… Erm, no.

    But, as I said, I'm only level 16 and can't comment on much of the game at all 🙂 only things I've noticed are numerous spelling mistakes in the game's character conversation scenes. And at times it forces you to complete quests like adding a friend, I tried to cancel the process but failed and was forced to add some random guy before i could continue -.- not a big thing but kinda annoying really.

    All in all, not a bad game really seeing as it's free to start playing. But remember it is a facebook game… pretty much everything decent it has to offer (from what i've seen so far) you need to pay real money for, and unless you recently won the lotto or came into a big inheritance, it isn't cheap at all.

  27. SELOW says:

    I have been playing this game since close beta and 1st day open beta and also already spend real money into this game.
    As and old player in this game, im suggesting dont pay in this game and find others game to play cuz this game is a scam which give fake event, fake rewards and unhelping mods which dont bother ur problem if happen to u in game

  28. Ramladon says:

    This flashpoint game is by far from free. Unless you want to suck the average person spends 100's of dollars to stay in the top 10 rankings on the game. There are special events to get any of the top event items you have to spend money to get. This game is a classic money dump that will trap competitive players hundreds of dollars. If your going to play a free online game make sure it is truly free before you get into it.

  29. kongregate says:

    Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

  30. tim jordan says:

    i would like to say i play wartune on face book and have spent a lot of money there and now i can load the game i enjoy who do i contact to put in complainant to can load anything and have all my recites where i payied money to play this is unfair

  31. jen says:

    Almost all of their Splash ART is STOLEN from well known online games and other sources. LOL, World of War Craft and Assassin's creed!

  32. meme says:

    this game should have stayed in china it sucks donkey nutz!!!

  33. Vivek Khemka says:

    the game is tooooo overpriced. only heavy cashiers stand the chance to enjoy the game. DONT WASTE TIME ON THIS GAME.

  34. Johnf334 says:

    Hey are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own. Do you require any coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated! adgkfgagebad

  35. Sean says:

    I have played this game for about a year and am one of the highest ranked players in the game. Looking for a new game now as the customer service/support for this game is absolutely horrid and unless you were willing to spend several hundred dollars every month, you will fall incredibly far behind the heavy cashers.

  36. Billy says:

    I wish some one would make a new wartunes like it use to be when it first came out but with lower prices, that would be awesome 😀

  37. MARY says:


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