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Web Koihime Musou

Web Koihime Musou

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gamania
Developer:  Gamania
Genre:  Strategy

Web Koihime Musou, developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment, is a free-to-play anime-style strategy game which is going to be officially released in summer.


Web Koihime Musou is a new member to the Koihime franchise which refers to a variety of works inspired by Chinese literary masterpiece The Three Kingdoms, including comics, games and cartoons. You start the game by joining in one of the three warring sides and then creating your adorable female avatar. The images of all available characters are beautifully-crafted with fabulous clothes and shining accessories. Besides, the game environment is also fantasized into a bright world engulfed in cozy sunshine. The goal is to follow your female leader to finish a series of quests and accomplish the great mission of reunifying the three kingdoms.

When it comes to the core content, you can conquer others’ cities and territories or lay siege to your enemies. By taking other players’ lands under your control, you can gradually expand your sphere of influence and ultimately be the queen of all lands.


Web Koihime Musou is unbelievably unique, difficult, and even lousy in some respects.

Let’s put aside the fact that all the male characters in Romance of Three Kingdoms are transformed into sexy and cute female characters, though that’s the very reason I started this game in the first place.

Five playable characters are divided into two classes only: swordswomen and archers. Among Wu, Sun, and Liu, you have to pick up one side and fight for the lord.

The moment I saw the layout of the main interface and the texts flooding all over the screen, I said to myself: God, this is gonna be a typical strategy game from Korea and China, where developers are never aware of how many problems their grinding tasks and tiny little words are causing. Only this time, the game originates from Japan and disappointingly presents much smaller fonts.

Normally in a strategy game, you allocate units to commanders and ensure the population increase to supply forces for your troops. In Web Koihime Musou, you have to train soldiers of different units too. All the time. Launch an attack, huh? And your soldiers may be gone forever. Then you don’t just have to train more soldiers but also need to assign the soldiers to the commanders, or warlords as the game calls them.

Don’t take that too seriously. Basically you only deal with report-like texts. Input here and click there and you are done. You don’t see any battles and your heroes bring their troops to the destination and then return to your base. It’s simply a matter of time.

Nevertheless, Web Koihime Musou works harder than that to upset me. The tutorial lasts for hours and hasn’t been finished yet – not that I wandered about. There are too many tutorial tasks, most of which cost quite a few minutes. The game is complicated enough to deserve such a long tutorial. But the quest descriptions are sometimes not detailed enough. As a result, it is often the case that I repeated traveling back and forth between the involved page and the tutorial task window to check whether the targets and steps are correct. Also, there are times when I follow the steps in a quest but still cannot complete it. I have to do it again and again, making slight modifications each time, until I got through the bloody task.

There’s this task that asks me to confirm the fact that an enemy squad is on its way to my territory and I have to increase my defense. OK. You can’t argue with that. But how? The task did suggest I must have at least one warlord standby in the territory so that I could intercept the enemy. Fine. But, excuse me, how am I supposed to do that? Finding not a single clue anywhere in the game itself, I asked that question in the Chat section. And then problems multiply.

Only a Kingdom channel is available in the Chat section. I entered the question and clicked the Reply/Refresh button, and my remarks disappeared. A second one would not appear in the interface, either. Reloading the web page wouldn’t fix the problem. It was not until I reentered the game that I finally saw my questions and the answers to them. Clearly, I didn’t have to do anything except for having one of my warlords standby in the territory, and the defense and interception stuffs are automatically conducted without my knowing it.

Things like that happen a lot and I was always forced to figure out the correct way to do this quest or that mission. To be honest, the only comfort I’ve got so far in the game is the charming protagonist standing on the right of the interface. Everything else is lousy and presented in small size. Let alone the texts in small fonts that are really hard on my eyes.

I don’t know what you guys would think about Web Koihime Musou, but it has failed me. Totally.

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