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Weekly Round-up: New Facebook Games in September 2011

Sara Lau
Sep 14,2011  03:09 by

With new blood drawn in short intervals, the past glory can but step down into the shadow and give way to new rising stars. At present, city-building simulation Cityville and combat-strategy Empires & Allies, both Zynga’s products, are ranking top and the second in the list; yet with the slim margin of victory complicated by a burgeoning army of challengers, the next to head the crown may rise overnight. And now let’s see several potential seed games that would imprint glorious traces on Facebook leaderboard and on social fans’ heart.

New comers:

Kingdoms and Quests (Facebook App shut down temporarily)

Kingdoms and Quests, Zynga’s next big title, is a kinda-sorta melting pot that contains diversified gaming elements, covering role-playing adventure, turn-based combat, empire building as well as social interaction. In it, players will clear the foggy lands, gather resources like food, wood and coins, forge four types of combat units to fend off monsters, and expand and prosper their own kingdoms. Revolving kingdom building and quest taking, as suggested from the title, it seems to have extracted the acclaimed mainstays from several Zynga’s already successful works like Cityville and Monster Galaxy, yet managed to merge them together to finally turn out to be a first for Zynga on many levels.

Adventure World

Adventure World, the largest social game ever made by Zynga, turns up to bring about a new genre termed social adventure into Facebook. Not taking the beaten track of ‘invest and express’ mechanics, it pioneers in less traveled path, leading players into a world of exploration and discovery. To find El Dorado, the lost City of Gold, players will embark on a journey to trek through five geographically diverse landscapes, made up of 30 maps with each 40 times larger than the largest in Farmville, taking quests, solving puzzles and overcoming all barriers in the way with the help of friends, or more specifically their advanced tools. Rich in story-driven quests full of intriguing puzzles, Adventure World will conjure up a fantastic, exciting world that lives up to its title.

Wonder Cruise

Wonder Cruise, a new light-hearted social game by Nixon, is going to engage players into simple but stimulating pleasure of cruising around the world. Role-playing manager of a cruise ship, the player would take passengers aboard to tour globally, attending to their recreational needs and gaining wealth and fame out of the business. A long list of port names waits to be unlocked; a wide range of facilities helps to upgrade the ship; and a great variety of activities, most at passengers’ service, must be conducted in due time so as to burn a hole in patrons’ pocket. As a man sows, so he shall reap. Rewards will be allotted in turn and the Wheel of Fortune may also bring about windfalls.

The Godfather: Five Families

Crime-oriented game family on Facebook is going to receive a new member: The Godfather: Five Families by Kabam. As prequel to the namesake movie trilogy, it follows a storyline that narrates the rising-up of the five families in the underworld of New York, which therefore ushers players into the empire-building gameplay intertwined with gangster fights among community-based factions. Resource-gathering is included; so is training of military units as well as scales of PvP. Moreover, the betrayal element would without fail intensify the thrill, suspension and drama.

Cloudforest Expedition

Cloudforest Expedition is going to roll out a picturesque wonder land for archaeologists-to-be to embark on the journey of adventure and discovery. Taking up the role of archaeologists-to-be, players will set off delving into dense wilderness, where they will tame exotic animals that can be helpful guides in the vast landscape and excavate ancient ruins for rare, historical artifacts before finally unveiling century-old mysteries around the disappearance of forefathers. Full of diversely cast characters and animals, this story-driven social game also features excellent music, not only separately melodious but also closely matching to each story.

Old finalists: The Sims Social, Monster Galaxy, Gardens of Time, The Smurfs and Co

The Sims Social

Now ranking as the fourth in the App Leaderboard, The Sims Social surely knows what players crave for in a social game that simulates real life. Adopted from its prior classic PC series, the Sims Social on Facebook makes itself a unique presence, which preserves the core gaming mechanics, such as a multitude of traits, skills and décor items to highly customize unique Sims and homes and a wide range of true-to-life activities revolving dining, hygiene, energy and mood, etc. while at the same time pioneers in the social part by making full use of the real-time platform to enable more active and intimate interaction beyond the basic mutual visits and favor granting.

Gardens of Time

Crowned as the best hidden object game on Facebook, Gardens of Time mesmerizes enormous players with its immersive item-pinpoint gameplay, exquisite design of in-game scenes in quantity as well as enjoyable garden-decoration-related activities. Starting as a potential recruit for the Time society who is able to travel through time, players will follow the guidance of helpful mentors to transport to different locations from ancient Egypt to London in 1960s, where they would try to find pieces of listed items as soon as possible to outperformance a competing rival. Scenes are abundant in number and all can be replayed more than once. Meanwhile, more than just decoration, the Garden system in enriched by mini-games, reputation design connected to new scenes’ unlocking and social interaction between friends.

The Smurfs & Co

The Smurfs & Co, a social game based on the Belgian classic cartoon, is greeted warmly on Facebook that it has already ascended to the 11th in the list after the short period since launch. Clothed under the household story of Smurfs with the villain Gargamel, it at the core is a social game that centers town building and farm management. Role-playing a Smurf, the player will start from build one’s own house, collect various materials for making magic potions and finally build up a happy town. And the famous Smurfs originally appearing in the cartoon are also part of the story to turn up in players’ towns, bringing about surprising gifts and bonuses.

Monster Galaxy

Despite the lack of social element, Monster Galaxy catches the heart of Facebook fans with its remarkable monster training and humorous role-playing mechanics. Artistically depicted, the in-game world is stunningly amazing with kaleidoscopic scenarios, in which players can explore around to take lists of story-driven quests and engage in animated combat to capture monsters out of 120 types categorized in 12 zodiac groups. And the complex battle system is quite mesmerizing with monsters’ versatile skills as well as the rock-paper-scissors counteraction based on zodiac attributes.

If you want to learn more Facebook games, just browser through our facebook game list.

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