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Release Date:  August 2012
Publisher:  Sine Wave Entertainment
Developer:  Sine Wave Entertainment
Genre:  Music, Virtual World

Wet.Fm is a dancing/music game that is fun for all ages. You won’t be battling monsters or colleting gear in this game but you will be going up against other players in competitions to see who the best dancer is. Instead, you compete with other players to win money to buy more wacky clothes, cosmetic accessories and to show everyone just how good you really are when it comes to dancing.


I just tried this out a couple of hours ago, and I really enjoyed myself in the game. The platform has a whole lot of potential for casual players who just want to socialize and listen to music. The 3D graphics are excellent, making the game even more enjoyable. There are many ways to make your character unique as you dress them up in clothing designed to match what people would actually were in a live dance showdown. Actually, there are more than 600 options to choose from so that it’s easy to stand out among the players.

Powered by unity engine, Wet.FM is a nice looking game. The menus are stylish and hip-looking and the character models for the dancers look great and are well animated. Recently, the game has just had some major updates, which brought players with new choices of avatars, new scenes, 3D mesh of rooms and building, plus some kickass visual effect options like dynamic visual blur and water reflect. And the sand beach you dance on is flashy and neat. The on-screen information is also very clearly presented so you can see your scores and achievements.

The disappointing aspect of Wet.FM is that it is not the arcade style rhythm game featuring timely keystroke. What you need to do is just customize your avatar, pick out a scene and background animation, then it begins to play the pre-loaded animation loop. Besides, there are no tons of play modes, there is no linear career mode – you just select songs and play through them – and there are only a handful of unlockable bonus items to reward you for playing. It is a bit of a letdown to only have the 40+ songs built-in, although the track list is good, but more will be much better (Paying real-world money for DLC doesn’t count).However, a nice touch is that you can create your own rooms and decorate them by upload full soundtracks or do live streams.
Wet.FM is also a great party game that is easy to jump in and play since there are no penalties for doing poorly. Everyone can visit your room and rate it.

Wet.Fm is an excellent free-to-play online virtual community where you can enjoy music and dancing in a unique way. It is doing a good job in the virtual fashion field. The shopping options are abundant. You have numerous chances to show off your unique fashion senses. It’s fun to play around with different looks and storm the stores. On the other hand, Wet.Fm is not considered a game of skill and it does not take talent to master the game. You can just lean back against the couch and sip coffee while enjoying your virtual music heaven. So if you seek an old pad-based dance game, just leave it alone.

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