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Release Date:  2009
Developer:  Travian Games GmbH
Genre:  Simulation

What does it take to make a pleasant holiday? For someone, it will do to withdraw into all kinds of indoor activities such as making up for the couch-potato days, delving into a cooking recipe or burying in the workshop at home tinkling on electronics; and for others, it all lies in the opportunity of traveling around or to a long-dreamed place, recharging with energy in exotic environment. And for those who have wanderlust, the tropical island like Hawaii is a must to pay a visit to at least once a life; while for indoor guys, it would not be less pleasant to run a virtual beach hotel in WeWaii.

WeWaii, best known as a reward-winner as Browser Game of the Year for two years on the run, is a free-to-play web MMO that combines elements of construction and management around the theme of beach holiday.  The game is developed by Travian Games GmbH behind online games like Battlemons and Remanum.

Against the merrymaking storyline, the player will role-play a hotel manager who first builds a small little-furnished ‘hotel with potential’ and manages to expand it into greater establishment. With tons of work waiting ahead, players can get acquaintance with the game mechanics through tutorial, after which players can just start their hotel construction and management in the true sense.

In WeWaii, players have great freedom with regard to the hotel building, decorating and expanding, yet meanwhile they also have a lot of skills to learn and loads of issues to take into consideration in its development. For instance, only through learning the skill of Trash to clean the beach can players open their welcome gift receiving the 5000 shells for free. And there are three ways to employ workers, which include hiring temporary craftmen at a cost of 3 pearls per worker for 8 hours, keeping the membership to a premium club for an additional helper, and upgrading the skill of ‘Worker’ to win one permanent employee per level. It is up to owners to choose what they deem efficient and profitable.

Hotel is for tourists, who may come to enjoy themselves in completely different ways but invariably brings about shells and experience points seen through lagoonia. To make tourists happy, hotel managers should not only provide the basic service, such as a clean surrounding without much irritating trashes and a comfortable and safe hotel room in function and in maintenance, but also try all means to meet each guest’s personal wish for animation or experience of a certain activity here. Often tourists’ wishes place demanding requirement to the hardware of the hotel; and if players’ own can not satisfy the need, they can share those of friends’ or unlock what tourists want at a cost, sometimes of pearls, the premium currency in the game which can be bought for real money, if they think it is worthwhile or suitable in the long run.

As players finish one activity after another, different amounts of prestige points will granted to them based on the difficulty of the challenge. And then accumulated prestige points will in turn bring about various achievements, marking the growth of a player as a hotel manager, a master builder or a tour guide. Moreover, friends will always be there of course, granting favor and helping each other.

Running a beach hotel is hard work yet with fun. No matter you throw a party or host fun sport activities, in WaWaii you are happy and others are happy too. Why not?

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