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Wild Empires

Wild Empires

Release Date:  August 20, 2012
Publisher:  Gamoso
Developer:  Gamoso
Genre:  Social Game

Wild Empires is a Facebook game where you build  an empire of crazy cartoon animals to defend against the evil Penguins.


Social games can be disappointing sometimes. But Wild Empires goes far beyond being disappointing – it literally sucks.

Let me put it this way: do you still remember how it feels to chop down trees after trees, clear bushes after bushes just to find the objects to complete missions or construct buildings? Do you still tremble at the thought of fighting beasts, enemies, or vicious baddies when you are busy clearing space, constructing buildings, and collecting resources (i.e. you seldom have the enough energy to do anything else)? And are you still mad at it when you never have enough resources to get things done? Well, Wild Empires offers all those in one package.

In the great wilderness, animals have been defeated and enslaved by penguins (which is really, really weird), and you will build defenses, collecting resources, feeding animals, and have them battle against the penguins to reclaim the territories. In that case, the game unavoidably incorporates management and expansion of your own territories and battles against the enemies.

Wild Empire focuses on the base management stuff but it didn’t do it right. All you would do in the territory is chop trees (for collecting wood or looking for special objects like planes or statue), build defensive and decorative buildings as well as gold mines, and frequently shoo the penguin spies away. It’s all about energy and you might even feel like all the energy-consuming stuff has been included in this game.

Like in many social games, you only have enough energy each time you level up. It is still not time to feel relieved yet. I don’t mean that you still have to worry about the energy (though you will, soon). You will soon need more gold nuggets (the game currency) for purchasing items, wood for constructing buildings, and food for feeding your units. In that case, you have to wait and collect from the gold mines and farms until you amass enough of them. But when you finally have done that, you are again in an “energy crisis”.

The management part disappoints while the expansion and battle sections tell stories rather than offer challenges. You simply follow the concerned quests and click to scout and then attack the target areas, and the rest would be taken care of by the animals. And once you’ve defeated the enemies, the areas would be added to your territory. Nothing particular or challenging or ever intriguing.

And thanks to the energy system that constantly puts players in no position to do anything, one can only progress in an incredibly slow pace. Besides, the game possesses nothing novel and entertaining in its gameplay, though the animal training animation is more than amusing (it’s just hilarious to watch the meerkats, hogs, flamingoes, and other animals jumping ropes or walking on the treadmills).

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