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Wild Ones

Wild Ones

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Playdom
Developer:  Playdom
Genre:  Shooter

Wild Ones is a turn-based shooter game that receives high praises and boasts millions of enthusiastic players since at launch for Facebook. In September, 2011, Playdom brought Wild Ones into Google Plus.

In Wild Ones, players are able to select their in-game animals out of different types covering species, both real and fictitious, from land, sea and air, such as rabbit, dragon and hamster, to name just a few. Each animal carries with it a special attribute in light with its nature, such as jumping, digging, climbing, erupting fires or dropping bombs, etc. All these characters can be highly customerized in terms of appearance, attire and accessories, which will guarantee a unique avatar for each player.


A hilariously looking rabbit is having a cigar between lips and an Archibald on shoulder, demonstrating nonchalant pride; a heavily armed monkey is aiming with one eye through the sight bead at distance as if it is about to fire at any moment; and a stout panda wearing hamlet and goggles is turning away from an explosive spot still with a grenade in hand. Are they typical assistant fighting pets in an action game? No, these bellicose animals are the very heroes picked up and acted out by players in the game of Wild Ones.

After creating favorable avatars, players can set out to make acquaintance with the core gameplay, namely, fighting. Let caution surpass prudence. Before thrusting into great danger without any experience, it would be better for players to get some practice with their weapons by following the quick tutorial and then to engage in cruel combats against other players. With fighting as the core, this game allows players to challenge each other either in private room mode with up to eight fighters or in multiplayer mode with fiercer battles against more rivals. All fights are guided under one single rule that the only one who stands to the last is the winner. The ruthlessness of the fight puts higher demand on players that skill is not enough and strategy together with arms are also needed. While the optional weapons in this game are tremendous including grenade, mine and mega nukes, etc, it is all up to players to select the right one to deal with varied situation.

The sentence that war is war is perfectly explained in this game, and the rampant combat will arouse satisfactory thrill and excitement. What’s more, the constantly added new maps as well as occasional special events for festivals such as Halloween will all the more make this game a lasting appeal.

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