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WildStar Preview, Three Races, rewarding adventure, multiple growth paths

Sara Lau
Aug 26,2011  02:08 by

During the Gamescom 2011, NCsoft revealed the first details about the new sci-fi fantasy MMO Wildstar Online. In a second presentation trailer by the developer Carbine, the game tells something unique and we are happy to have a taste of this mmo.

In WildStar you can you choose one of three races: humans, Granok and Aurin. Each of these people specializes in something different, which is reminiscent of the well-known MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and RIFT. The strong Granok focus on physical damage, while the filigree Aurin specializes in magic and healing. However, both of the two act offensively in combat.

Humans can be considered as a mixture of both, because they possess both knowledge of magic and the knowledge of how to handle firearms. Besides these more ordinary classes, you have to decide which is crucial for your future star (an additional path) in a wild way at the very beginning. There are four options to choose from: explorers, soldiers, scientists and settlers. As with the classes, there are bound breed restrictions. People can hire themselves as mercenaries or just as researcher.

On your travels you could meet different monsters and explore more new corners of the world. How you perceive it is crucial for progress in the game. As explorers, for example, players should always try to find hidden caves and secret paths, because you will be rewarded not only for doing quests and slaying monsters in wildstar online, but also for discovery and surprise.

On the other hand, The mercenaries should focus on defeating as many monsters as possible in a short time. While The scientist is progressing most rapidly when it collects information. If you decide for this path, it is your job to figure out why the people from the planet Eldan Nexus has disappeared. Last but not least, it is possible to focus on the social aspect of the game as settlers:

Task is then to help new players to get started on the game without any obstacles. Speaking of social aspect: In WildStar you can join any events with other players who prefer not to walking on solo paths.

Spontaneous events could spice up the daily quest apart from simple killing and collecting. To benefit from this, you must keep your eyes open and react to the realities of your environment.  For example, a notice may pop up to let you do a mission like “kill five wild cats.”

As researchers we discovered along the way about a cave. As a scientist, however, you should get more knowledge about the species in your way, which contributes one additional rewards.  The game also consists of multiple paths and levels of system.

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