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Will “World of” series stop at Trilogy?

Sara Lau
Sep 15,2011  06:09 by

Since the first launch of World of Tanks in July, 2010, Wargaming.net has not paused to relish the success of it, but instead marched forward to consecutively release two sequels known as “World of Warplanes” and “World of Battleship” in less than five months.

Powered by the same engine of BigWorld and development team, these three combat military MMOs are doubtfully able to present the very distinct, innovative gameplay of their own at the core, though each is designed to portray separated battle grounds in the land, air and sea.

When it came into being as the firstborn, World of Tanks did live up to players’ expectation for a military simulation in almost every particular, whether it is the 3D graphic that easily invites players into a next-to-real battlefront teeming with authentic vehicles out of historical warfare, or the core gaming mechanic which revolves around varied team-based combat modes, ranging from random battles to 15-vs.-15 clan wars. So successful as it is, World of Tanks set an example but also set up the hurdle for the latecomers.

Just put the three together for a close scrutinization. Distinct scenarios do not mask the underlying similarity in artistic style, which is not necessarily a minus, yet definitely not a plus either. Gaming mechanic differs little from each other, since all are around vehicle (though of different type) customization and maneuver and team-based strategic combat in optional PvP modes. All difference lies just in the surface; the scouting service done by light tanks in WoT may be fulfilled by cruisers and frigates in the WoB, while the skirmishing by medium tanks might be the responsibility of Destroyers or PT boats, for instance.

Lack of innovation in the true sense, both Warplanes and Battleships can only struggle to present new features in lesser aspects such as the effect of changing weather on the controllability of warplanes, or attempt to excel merely in numbers like larger scale of battlefield, more choices for item and heavier weight of skills, etc.

It may be unfair to say that the latter two follow-ups are not of high quality; yet it is hard not to feel that they do not go much further than the distance already trekked through by the Tanks. Just like in a big family, members will not only show a superficial resemblance in the looks, but also share a more substantial likeness in the genes. The World-of trilogy cannot rid themselves of the suspect of ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

As some players wonder, will this World-of family continue to expand with new members that feature narrower themes in the military sphere, say, World of Infantry or World of Snipers in future? Given the difficulty of thinking out of the box, it may be more practical for wargaming.net to take a new path.

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    Your article pertcefly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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