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Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny

Release Date:  September 13, 2012
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  MMORPG

Wings of Destiny is a browser-based MMORPG from China-based IGG behind Facebook-based MMO such as Moonlight Online, Age of Titans and Dawn of Darkness. Although the game is browser-based, it amply displays what a client-based MMO is primarily characterized by such as stunning graphics, four basic classes, action-packed gameplay, dungeon exploring, Siege War and etc..


It would be so easy to follow the quests and make progress in Wings of Destiny. The reason is it has the same basic gameplay as that of Soul of Guardian, Crystal Saga, Mythic Saga and Serenia Fantasy. You will explore a world full of dangers and challenges, rush from one map to another, talk with NPCs, accept quests and go collecting designated objects or battle against a certain type of baddies or monsters.

Yes, you can go all the way by clicking the underlined contents, quest targets or NPCs concerned, in the quest tracking bar on the right. Your avatar, a Knight, Hunter, Mage or Priest, would run towards the destination. Thankfully, you don’t have to find the way yourself – the world consists of quite a few maps which can easily confuse you and put you in no position to find any of the NPCs or enemies in question.

The avatar is always in a hurry but that doesn’t mean it would soon arrive where you need it. That would always take some time and that’s why the wing tips are necessary – though they bear a new name, those are exactly the flying boots or whatever they call in Odin Quest, Soul of Guardian and other similar games. Those wing tips can transport you directly from wherever you are to the destination, as long as the destination is not a dungeon, making the traveling quite convenient and time-efficient. The only problem is that, they are limited in number and once you run out of them, you can only purchase more with real money or complete more quests hoping the rewards might include such items.

Actually, Wings of Destiny offers a surprising start – you know how peaceful it is when an RPG game starts, even when the world or whatever is under serious threats. Normally, you only piece together what has happened by having conversations with NPCs. However, in Wings of Destiny, you enter the game and see blood and dead bodies everywhere and the wish to do something occurs to your mind spontaneously, which makes it more acceptable to run errands and slay enemies in later experiences.

What also helps make the traveling and killing thing more enjoyable is the varied sceneries of the maps. You run through dungeons, forests, palace, towns and villages, all of which were drawn in a stunningly realistic style, though the pictures sometimes can be unclear especially when the character is in motion. The luxurious palace hall where dozens of guardians are on duty, the west wing where several books shelves are filled with books, and the canyon where venomous spiders are lurking all look vivid and good enough to keep you in the mood.

Like many games that are released recently, Wings of Destiny offers the opportunity for players to battle against each other in the arena and to spin the Lucky Roulette. The latter only allows for one free spin and if you would like to test your luck any more, you would have to pay real money.

It is a pity that aside from the dazzling graphics throughout the game, there is nothing special enough to blow our mind or keep me focused.

119 Comments on Wings of Destiny


  1. killerz says:

    not a good game as it’s a huge pay to win everything

  2. Balder says:

    yeah i have the same feelings! problem is you need cash for doing some stuff ingame (which seems to play a big part in getting strong like cards, safe stones etc.) and even at low level game forces you to use cash for finishing some quest. (buy gear in mall, card draw needs cash 2) and their vip system in which you get for 1 dollar one star point= thousands of dollars needed.

    rest is okay equip is easy to get you get to lv32 in like 2-3h max., dungeons are mostly afk (btw for autolooting you have to be starlevel 3(vipsystem)) and solo. so nothing special: usual afk-grind like in other of those browsergames + mostly chatting with guildmates.

  3. Michel says:

    Important information is sadly lacking, like how to fuse gems and souls, where materials required to build equipment can be found, and so on.

  4. eeee says:

    Pure p2w garbage and yes I understand that it's "free" but still I know how these games work. I've been a GM for many of them and I know first hand just how much currency it takes to get ahead. Take Call of thrones they were giving me 10,000 currency a week and it was still slow to max out.

    I still have about 300k paid currency lol a ridiculous amount to have to actually buy and still it would not top me off. When I was a GM for Ming Dynasty by Forgame "they're now ran by Lekool under a new name" The max level gems on that game cost 1,000$ each to make.

    All I can say is thank god Torchlight 2 has been cracked for Lan and a shitload of people are on it using Tunngle. It will do, well at least till payday so I can play on the official servers 😛 it's worth the 20$ for sure.

  5. ronile says:

    how to get stonger in WINGS OF DESTINY

  6. james says:

    what game cards we can buy to top-up and be able to quickly levelup?
    what is this game's website?

  7. EATTHIS says:

    this is very good online game for me hope i win the event

  8. EATTHIS says:

    how to donate cash???

  9. mon says:

    iT's a nice game for me

  10. billy salvador says:

    masayang laroin

  11. junnas says:

    hindi ako makalaro kasi nag gagangmnan style ako

  12. as0820ce says:

    alam niyo gaya gaya lang ang laro na ito dahil kung lalaruin niyo rin ang crystal saga masmaganda pa yun kesa dito at penge naman vouchers 😀

  13. ryan says:

    maganda to:D

  14. reneboy says:

    maganda nga tol ang wings of destiny

  15. francis says:

    guys pano nga poh pala mag upgrade ng items or weapon?

  16. hunde says:

    hindi ako maka gawa

  17. george tano says:

    unsaun mani?

  18. raymond solis says:

    chin solis ano b claseng laro yan WINGDESTINY BKT NWAWALA ANG CHARACTER Q TANEMESSSSSS raymondsolis

  19. Tinuviel says:

    Meh. It's cool, but it randomly closed and refused to reopen.

  20. dertg says:

    i have a fuccking lvl 65 in this fuccking game bulshit!

  21. Pro says:

    Bobo n2 eh

  22. ben says:

    nawawala character ko..anep.

  23. nicko says:

    pano maging sage sa wings of destiny?

  24. john paul says:

    panu po maka pasok sa wing of dentiny? d ko na po kasi mapasuk yung account ko

  25. dominic says:

    bakit ang hirap mahanap ng mga materials para sa craft

  26. Jay says:

    Hala tuwing magconnect ako o magbukas nag babalik sa server site nakakakainis!!!!!!!!
    tsaka makukuha ko na ang pet cerberous pup yay!!!!!!!!!

  27. misterio says:

    andali namn pala nito ok gets ko na
    poh paano po..mag kill ng mubs

  28. juan esteabn says:

    como hago para subir mi caballo de nivel
    al 3

  29. andrei says:

    cool this game is cool

  30. andrei says:

    lakas nga ng mga hero

  31. andrei says:

    bobo hero don eh

  32. Adriane G Gilbuena says:

    Dear 'WINGS OF DESTINY' "ADMINISTRATOR"i would like to apply as a "GM"in this game hoping for your sooner reply,


  33. vincentroda says:

    ask ko lang kng paano mag wings tips??

  34. GuessWho says:

    nice game… overall im sure its better then odin and serenia (even i like serenia more)… very nice graphic… tons of events (nothing new.. i know)… however, it seems little too much pvp for non-spenders… so be sure u will die in 2 shots from same lvl if u not spending…

  35. Jay-r Park says:

    pano po maka log in sa wings of destiny d po ako makapoasok ehhh malalkas na po ang akin dun ehhh

  36. Dharylle says:

    why my coster head wer pound guys

  37. papotz says:

    why i cannot play this game i log in but still loading i wait more than an hour but still loading content pls. wait i also try to reload at many time but its not work

  38. vineel says:

    i love wigs of destiny

  39. wui je chen says:

    nice game but their some lapses..
    none spender has a very very slim chance to beat spender players.. (slim fighting chance)
    level is not important as long as you spend..
    no player to player trading system only mail… (prone on scamming)
    this are my major concerns..
    else is great..
    ima rate this 8.2

  40. mark says:

    when and how my mage become a sage? help

  41. pa no ba maka kuha ng cash

  42. adamdog203050 says:

    i love the game

  43. mon says:

    di ako maka login

  44. patrick says:

    Hayyyyyyy. .gaya gaya 2ng laro na 2

  45. SJ LUY says:


  46. jArReDzKiE says:

    why is it my account when i reforge need 25 or 29 cash?

  47. mr hacker says:

    kill all fcking weak lolsssssssss this games is so stupid not like ran or cabal??

  48. fretz says:

    msmgnda 2

  49. lucas says:

    o jogo n quer abrir o que eu faço ?

  50. darkhart says:

    hayahays Dame ko tuwa 🙂 a lot of quest

  51. marisha says:

    i love this game its fun

  52. guest says:

    omg its not letting me sign in using the game

  53. estlito pornea says:

    pano kaya ipa down loud to gamda eh

  54. potpot says:

    pa HELP. naman BKT nd ako mka Log in ???

  55. marisha says:

    magesing wing of desting is cool and the other game we play

  56. kaginu says:

    will be play wings of destiny.i sure will be enjoy the game.


  57. kaginu says:

    hi……. your rules further to the woods. he runs into your room


  58. hermiesploma says:

    i love of the wings of destiny

  59. phildarkz says:

    anu pinaka marami population na server???

  60. montygomery says:

    the game is good and this a pet or killed the enemy

  61. dan says:

    where can I find some commands , I wanna leave one guild , but I don`t know how. thanks

  62. MineCraft4Meh says:

    I LOVE minecraft how about you people?It is one of the best things in the whole world.

  63. remi says:

    gros vache

  64. matt says:

    how do you leave a guild

  65. james says:

    kung mag wing tips kayo dapt mag pa levelup muna kayo

  66. lucas batista says:

    afff esse jogo e muito loko

  67. rica says:

    COOL!!! Got 29 lvl. in 1 game but……… is there any request with 30,000 exp. points?

  68. Auri says:

    I like the game, I play it for hours every day. lol

    yes people who cash shop are sometimes better, but~ I'm a lvl 67 priest and I have not spent money on the game and i'm able to solo dungeons and handle myself pretty well, i'm about as good as many of the cash shoppers, though I'll never be as strong as the people who spend hundred of dollars…but I do just fine imo. ^^

    ~Auri on WoD server 12 (wod.igg.com)

  69. Ades-espada says:

    Bagaimana Caranya Battle Wings Of Destiny

  70. larry says:

    pano mag cash sa wings of destiny

  71. so very nice online game

  72. Goro says:

    no need to buy,YES it is a p2w game only if you want to be top fast. let them be top fast,you get rewards for loging in every day,ive gotton 2 mounts for free and some ott her items that cost 800 in cash shop 2 time!
    you get gems etc that are cash shop take longer they ppl playing will be gone anyways,they will get bored. take care happy gaming

  73. kyle says:

    who like to play mincraft

  74. kyle says:

    bull crap

  75. G=M JICKA says:

    hi im hangerboy wellcome to wing of destiny.

  76. chriz says:

    how can i get som powerful item ??

  77. babyfatlover says:

    all I want to know is how do you get star level easyer

  78. [S35]CHITKinGDom says:


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