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Wizard 101

Wizard 101

Release Date:  2008
Publisher:  KingsIsle Entertainment
Developer:  KingsIsle Entertainment
Genre:  MMORPG

Harry Potter and his School of Magic have been in vogue since the books and films were made public. Millions of fans dream of being able to cast spells as Potter does. The American company KingsIsle Entertainment is really good at catching the trend to release Wizard 101 which is set in a school of magic.


Once you log in the game, you will be permitted to dig into the myth of magic as a student of the school. Together with your fellow classmates, you can learn magic skills and cultivate yourself to become a qualified wizard according to the school doctrine. Sounds like that you can re-act Harry Potter, huh?

Set in a magical school, Wizard101 is a free MMORPG game where players role play as students in magic school and advance by mastering new spells, gaining equipment, collecting gold, and fighting against their rivals. Wizard 101 supports 4v4 team battle at a maximum between your wizards and Malistaire’s minions, and they can be defeated through casting spells on them.

One of the outstanding features in Wizard 101 is that it offers players a stage to choose and decorate their virtual space – dorm, modest castles and lands, and deluxe castles and lands. Pet system can well compensate the flaws that magical animals cannot cast spells.

At the first level, players are also protected under the system. That means no aggressive players can cast spells on newbies.

Although the game is rre-teens oriented, Wizard101 attracts people at all range of ages. What is more, this game follows a relatively linear storyline. The main storyline lies in discovering Malistaire’s plots and trying to spoil them. It is definitely an ideal starter MMO for children, who will infallibly be appealed by the cute characters, colorful worlds and magnificent animation graphics.

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  1. John says:

    Thank you.

  2. This was really very exciting game and I was desperate to tell about this game to every person. I always like to give time to these types of things all the time when I am free.

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