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Wizardry Online

Wizardry Online

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  SOE
Developer:  Gamepot
Genre:  MMORPG

Wizardry Online is a free-to-play MMORPG being developed by Japan-based Gamepot for Windows PCs, the closed beta is firstly available in Japan and the international version will be launched in 2012. It is based on Wizardry RPG series 30 years ago. The series have undoubtedly achieved a phenomenal success both in Japan and North America, thanks to its team-based combat, open-world exploration and intense storyline

The intensity of its suspenseful plot and the stimulation of its cutthroat combat are shown in a two-minute-long advertising trailer, which takes you to a gloomy yet horrifying dungeon. A heavily-armed warrior wakes up from a coma, only to find his companions’ corpses scattered on the cold floor. Apparently, they all experienced an agonizing death during the last confrontation. Still, there is a fearless soldier who is now challenging a gigantic and muscular donkey-headed monster. Within seconds, he is torn apart, blood spattering in all directions. Seeing such a dreadful scene, the warrior is horror-stricken and runs away for his life with the ruthless monster chasing at his heel. Fortunately, there is a door ahead, so he gets out and closed the iron door without hesitation. But a much more tremendous and ferocious monster is waiting outside…..

Compared with other MMORPGs like Trinity 2 and Red Blood Online, Wizardry Online is harsher to players. Instead of indulging players in easy quests, this game seems to take delight in making players get killed by providing extremely perilous dungeons and utterly formidable enemies. The dark dungeon is usually strewn with dead corpses of your allies as well as hidden traps, ranging from toxic gases to sharp spikes. It may lead to irrevocable doom if you adopt a rash move, so you should think twice before taking action. Better safe than sorry.

The most prominent feature is that death in Wizardry Online is permanent. After being killed, you will lose your body and live as a ghost. There is still a chance to lay hands on your corpse and gain a resurrection, but it is not easy. A failure means everlasting suffering in the form of an apparition.

To evade such a hopeless fate, you are advised to team up with powerful allies and take part in an impenetrable guild. If you are confident about your charisma and leadership, you can also create your own party which may include up to 100 players. But remember: you have only yourself to trust in this relentless world. Even your best friends can turn against you during combat, so it is important to equip yourself with the most advanced weapons and outfits.

Three-decade-long experience is an unquestionable proof to Wizardry Online’s high standard in all aspects. If you are looking for some hardcore games, Wizardry Online definitely qualifies as a prime choice. Let’s wait and see!

16 Comments on Wizardry Online


  1. jeffrey says:

    looks pretty fun. keep up the good work guys.

  2. Adrian says:

    Finally, someone is appealling to the untapped mass of us experienced, elite gamers and giving us the MMO we DREAM of all the time!

    Thanks Gamepot! I'll be taking up arms when you release in the US. HURRY IT UP!

  3. jeff says:

    where is it? when will this game come out in the U.S?

  4. blankemeyer says:

    cute small characters, anime style elves…. blah.

  5. Cypeq says:

    Oh god wizardry done by Japanese… still it was huge hit there so maybe just maybe they'll keep it to the spirit make some less asian(clues grind) mmo styled game. I loved wizardry 8 ;( so said that they wet belly up.

  6. Blayze Kohime says:

    I don't think death being permanent will go over well. Making death 'difficult' has never gone over well for any MMO and they've always ended up dialing down how hard it was to get your old stuff after a while. It may seem like a neat idea reading about it… but wait til your fifth or sixth dead character and all the annoyance you go through to get it back… yeah it will get old fast.

  7. velangel says:

    to the contrary…i think it'll push the game up. not drowned it out. new games like "The Secret World" and "Vindictus" and the like make death unavoidable. you WILL die. and their fanbase is definitely not hurting in numbers. i think the 'chance' of permanent death is a great thing. they're taking mmo's back to their D&D roots. it looks amazing and the idea will bring back alot of hardcore gamers. those that whine about losing characters. don't play. you're not a real gamer. the game is sure to have disappointing features. all games do. but that didnt stop WoW -.- …now did it. can't wait for the game to come out soon. lets just hope for no pushbacks on the release and put it to the test.

  8. lachlan says:

    you guys are the best gaming website i ahve ever been to 🙂 😀 😛

  9. lachlan says:

    i mean have

  10. lachlan says:

    can anyone tell me some good sorcery games i am begging you please tell me anyone 🙁

  11. Michael says:

    i just created an account today so how do i start playing?

  12. The Artful Dodger says:

    I'm in this beta. EPIC. 10/10, good show. YAY WIZARDRY!!!

  13. AvatarStryfe says:

    Ugh, ive never gotten a damned beta key for any game, and ive been applying for betas since the word BETA was in beta. Not like it really matters anyhow, they almost always wipe your character at launch anyhow, so hard to bother doing something in game other than jumping around looking for glitches.And i have a job that actually pays me to do "work". Still ive ben playing Wizardry since it was launched some endless years ago, and ive always enjoyed its challenge, regardless of whatever graphical lacking console it was on beforehand. Hoping this blows me away. As for handholding…..screw you pathetic mortals who can't play a game that has "challenges"….youve ruined video games for me by lowering the bar of gaming to panda hugs and kisses difficulty. Most mmorpg's i lose interest in due to the fact that either your lvl 50 within 3-4 hours, or its just really damned easy unless you pull the entire dungeon….which the rest of your group generally wont like because some of them may experience death and cry cuz their character gets no penalty and is laying there for about 30 seconds… yes it's gotten that bad….no penalties for dying….. and they still whine like bitches when they do die…wtf.

  14. Fafhred says:

    It is so easy for a character to die in any MMO: all you need is a game freeze, lag burst or anything similar during a battle, and your character is dead.
    For that reason alone, permo-death in an online game is never going to work or be accepted by the vast majority of players, which in turn means no potential for the game itself if it stcks with it.

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