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Release Date:  August 5, 2012
Publisher:  Crazy Panda
Developer:  Crazy Panda
Genre:  City Builder

Wonderland is a social game by Russia-based Crazy Panda. In the game, your goal is to build your dream wonderland with parks, bridges, cafes, residential blocks, and seaports, etc. The game is very similar to the way CityVille is.


Wonderland works a mixed miracle. It manages to provide a long enough gaming experience on a quite small map in the absence of any energy system whatsoever.

As always, you purchase and deploy buildings on your map, which is pretty small from the get-go (and interestingly it won’t get too large even if you play the game to the fullest). You will build houses to accommodate citizens, open up stores to produce products and entertain your people, and plant crops, vegetables and fruits to supply materials for your shops.

The requirements for materials and items connect operations in each commercial building. And thanks to the detailed instructions in each store, you won’t be confused about what to do so as to amass the materials or items you need.

And to my delight, Wonderland doesn’t incorporate any energy system. The stuff that stops you from proceeding is your inventory only. To be specific, questions like whether you have the required items, and whether you could craft or exchange for them, keep occurring to you.

Of course, the game doesn’t make that too easy, though basically you can produce and process whatever you like as long as you have the necessary materials. The trick lies in the limitation of slots in shops and the durations of the productions. Each shop offers one slot – you can add a waiting slot for free for the first time and for a few coins (the premium currency in Wonderland) in later actions.

Actually, it is the extended durations of the productions that slow things down in this game, without which the single slots wouldn’t affect your progression. For example, in one mission, I was asked to grow and collect eight oranges and then produce four orange-flavored lollipops. The oranges can be harvested 30 minutes after being planted – and thankfully, the farm allows for cultivating a maximum of eight crops, plants, or fruits simultaneously. But each of the lollipops requires 45 min. Adding a slot doesn’t accelerate the process – that only saves you the trouble of waiting for the completion of one production to start the next one. But when compared to one of my other quests, which requires me to plant four grapes (1.5 h), four apples (7 min) and four oranges (30 min) and then make two dried fruits (4 h), the one involving oranges (altogether cost 3.5 h) is short enough.

The pictures in Wonderland, I am sorry to say, are not as detailed and cute as those in most of the recent games but Wonderland excludes the irritating energy system. And that alone deserves your attention somehow.

20 Comments on Wonderland


  1. Barbara says:

    I have been playing wonderland and today I bought 250 gold coins and my game will no longer load on any computer that I try. Very disappointed that I can't play and even more disappointed that I bought the gold coins and can't use them now. I will let all my friends know about this game and how it just disappears. I would like a credit on my remaining gold coins or fix the game to come on

  2. sue says:

    can anybody help me i am looking for the field of wonders mini game

  3. Heidi Ritter says:

    I can not find the Field of Wonders Mini Game either!

  4. Ken says:

    Did anyone ever fond the Field of Wonders mini-game?

  5. lindsey says:

    where are the apple trees?

  6. Alex says:

    How do you plant the trees? any idea?

  7. storm says:

    where's the field of wonder

  8. Debby says:

    the field of wonder is located within the farm and candy factory. If you look to the bottom left, on the production panel, you'll see the word PLAY. If it's highlighted in orange you can play. There may be other locations, I just started playing

  9. Amanda says:

    Debby…………awesome thanks now I know

  10. jody says:

    Anyone know what to do with the rainbows you collect from playing the game? just sell them?

  11. manojkumar says:

    Is ther any way to collect the coin

  12. manoj says:

    hoe to upgrade a farm

  13. Linda says:

    How do you take pictures to use to purchase certain items, and I have a task to take pictures, and I can't figure out how, so I asked and got no response. Very frustrating! Thanks!

  14. michaela says:

    how do i find the residential homes? looked and cnt find them, any help would be much appreciated

  15. Chris says:

    Cant find the field of wonders mini game. have looked where someone suggested. I am still also looking for more neighbors if possible. Thanks

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