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Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online

Release Date:  2008
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  Chinese Gamer International Corp
Genre:  Fantasy

shipwrecks are without doubt tragic and woeful, but to have a close shave with death from such accidents and start an unexpected adventure on a barren island must be totally another thing! Isn’t it amazing to be the contemporary Robinson Crusoe sticking together with Friday to withstand the rough natural environment?


The Free MMORPG Wonderland Online is published by IGG, a fast growing online game company behind games like Age of Titans and 100 Years War. The Chinese title is 飄流幻境, which is available at http://wl.chinesegamer.net/. The game takes on the combination of Asian and South American cultures. You are immersed into a fantasy island world where you can level up your hero, join social group, and craft your weapons. The battle takes place in the real-time turn-based mode.

As you come to the world of Wonderland Online, you will be able to play the role of a passenger on the luxurious cruise ship and experience the venturesome yet exciting lift on an isolated island after the wreck. Before you can return to your homeland, you will have to accomplish various quests and puzzles where time and space intervene. The real ordeal is approaching…

Graphically, the texture is produced in a detailed way, but it is slightly outdated. The game may not work for players aged 25+.

The business mode “free to play” makes IGG pretty successful, but the time has changed, since there are more and more such MMOs coming out, and each of new titles are better than its games.

From inside sources, we learned that IGG switched its focus from traditional free mmorpg to modern popular social games for Facebook.

It is predictable that IGG will suffer in its efforts to hit social games market.


  1. Siege system: Players will be divided into two groups, and they must defend their city with one and the other through clever tactics and cooperation, trying to take the city.
  2. Friends system: not only can timid players make friends, but they can show their interests, birthday, etc. and it will provide players with similar hobbies shown in the same server.
  3. Fishing system:  Players should buy a fishing rod or other precious gems, ores and fur to capture fish. The better the rod is, the more valuable and useful things can be fished.
  4. Pet system: With the help of a pet, players can summon their pets in the battle and raise their pets to advanced ones. With better pets, you can mount your pets to faciliate your gaming.
  5. Capture System: The player can capture his or her pet or acquire by trade.
  6. Compound system: Rather than producing new goods, players can take unused and old stuff mixed together and converted them to the new one.
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  1. rush essay says:

    I often like to play these types of games that are meant to be good for the spare time. Now that I have got the platform for this game I will always be here to play it online.

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