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Words of Wonder

Words of Wonder

Release Date:  March 10, 2013
Publisher:  Disney's Playdom
Developer:  Disney's Playdom
Genre:  Puzzle

Words of Wonder is a word puzzle game from Disney’s Playdom, featuring neat interface, simple gameplay, lots of levels and a great many maps. In spite of all the features a traditional word puzzle addict may desire, the game is likely to put off many others who are not so good at words and who go in for exciting gaming experience due to its lack of hints and rather static spelling scenes.

Pros: tidy interface, nice soundtrack, great visuals, multiple difficulty levels
Cons: unoriginal gameplay, mediocre stories


In many ways, Words of Wonder is a rather conventional word puzzle game, where you are assigned tasks of finding words among the rows and columns of letters in accordance with certain rules. With the basic formula that is typical of this genre, Words of Wonders will naturally appeal to the word-hungry folks who have a special liking for tranquil moments of mental challenge, while it may drive off gamers who are in search of exiting events and turns. Though the game appears somewhat similar to crossword, the multiplied tile-clearing methods together with a few other new features will indeed enhance your gaming experience.

Word games never seem to embrace great popularity, but they always have within their grasp of a good share of the game market. The reasons are quite obvious: they can train and develop our brains; and they provide us with amusement. That is precisely why I get addicted to Words of Wonders. It is just the right word game for me with simple gameplay, good visuals and plenty of difficulty levels, but honestly I would not recommend it to impatient and thrill-seeking players.

In Words of Wonder, the interface is not so glamorous as you may imagine, but it presents clearly almost everything you might want to do in the game. You can invite friends to be your allies to clear the tiles; you may send gifts to your friends, so that you may get some in return; and the store allows you to purchase in-game currency to explore the world of the game. While you are ascending the tower of levels, various boosts will be unlocked and shown to you on the top of the letter matrix. Meanwhile, the number of moves left for you and your score are all also available for your reference on the left side of the interface. It is really tidy and nifty.

Equally intuitive is the gameplay. As the story goes, Words of Wonder is actually a magic book, yet a gray curse has come over it; as a result, it has neither color nor magic now. What can been seen is little more than a few cursory sketches. There are altogether 5 maps in the book waiting for you to restore magic and colors, each of which are spaned with stops representing different levels. Each of the maps features a different landscape, including farm, forest, desert and so on. When you start a level, a corresponding objective will be revealed to you. For instance, on the first map at level one, your objective is to spell five words, which sounds pretty easy. But as you ascend in levels, you are facing increasing difficulty.Let’s take level eleven for an example. At this level, you are asked to drop thrill quills to the bottom, and you can take only 18 moves. However many words you may have spelled out, it does not count. What matters is whether you can clear the tiles below the quills wedged between the letters within 18 moves. Very challenging, huh? When you have cleared a word, the space its letters occupy will be emptied, resulting in some other letters falling into the spots. And if these words are composed of four letters, the last letter will be left and highlighted as a hint for another word. This reward is named Double Word Score bonus. With five-lettered words, you can find an even greater surprise: a Triple Word Score bonus that will blow up tiles in every direction around it. However, these words are pretty hard to find.

With the game’s growing difficulty, you will inevitably get bogged somewhere in the game, where you cannot work out a way out even if you have racked your brain. This is perhaps one of the moments you want to resort to in game boosts, which will definitely cost a fortune. These boosts can be bought with in game currency–gold. If you need to add 3 more moves, 45 gold has be paid, which cost roughly 5 USD. Another boost is called “shuffle the board”, which will perhaps give you a chance to turn your tide of fortune. But for me, I would rather give up the level than allow the game to swindle me out of my dollars. When you have finished a map, if you want to continue your game, you will have to pay to unlock new maps. These cunningly embedded micro-transactions are simply outrageous.

On top of gold, the in-game currency, you might also want to know about the energy and star system of the game. In order to play the game, you need to spend energy, which recharges over time, can be gifted to and by friends, and can be bought with gold. In the middle of a game, if you run out of energy, it could be very tricky. Stars indicates your performance and progress in the game. At least one star is needed to complete a level, and fast completion within the set number of moves can give you up to three stars.

For gamers who are observant and with a large vocabulary, Words of Wonder is a blast with relaxing music, good artwork, as well as challenging and amusing tasks driven by believable stories. Yet its exorbitant micro-transactions and mediocre gameplay will surely lose the favor of an even larger audience.

293 Comments on Words of Wonder


  1. shirleyjones1947 says:

    Love the game but am stuck on level 64, how do I clear the ink under all the W's when I cannot make words using the other letters, please if anyone knows the answer I would be very greatful

  2. Dee says:

    Love the game but cannot get past level 30 Friends have sent me gifts but I still cannot play

  3. Brooke says:

    I really like the game, but no way am I paying money to play. I am stuck at level 31 because I don't have an ink blotter and have no idea how to get it without buying it.

  4. carma mahoney says:

    I'm wondering is there levels above 105?

  5. Terri says:

    What is " get the ink"

  6. Guest says:

    The dictionary is very poor and lots of Scrabble words don't work. What annoyed me was that the damned thing didn't recognise "tock" – hardly an obscure word.

  7. how do do you play level 68?

  8. Maggie S says:

    This game is too expensive, but if you could earn gold by playing other levels again or beating scores, it would be appealing. As it is, if I cannot get past my current level, I am taking it off my facebook. It is a rip off.

  9. Jill Henning says:

    been playing level 105 for 4 days and cant get past it – hardly inspiring – maybe time to remove game – I cant find a place to tell us how to play the game – can I only advance if I buy more gold. Where and when can we win gold?

  10. Avis says:

    I'm stuck on 60 and don't see where I can get hints… they say they are available ????

  11. Doris says:

    Can i get help to pass level 45 please?

  12. Susan says:

    Where can I download or purchase the music from Disney's Words of Wonder game! It is so soothing, and calming, and would be great music to listen to when doing relaxation exercises.

  13. debra says:

    i cant play level 15 im addicted to the qame but cant play im stuck it shows a lantern with three squares wat do i do ?

  14. Mandy says:

    you need to request help from allies/aka friends like on candy crush to move on but there is a bug at the moment that wont let you do it when you click on the squares the request help doesn't come up I am having this issue right now! 🙂

  15. i am stuck on level 60 also the darn birds put consonants in the way of a word i am trying to form frustrating

    have 100's of friends sending hint and energy hints are a joke
    any ideas

  16. Gloria says:

    Stuck on level 60 for days now…any help will do!!

  17. zatema muhammed says:

    please help me I cant proceed to level 16 because of gold

  18. barbara says:

    I get gifts from friends, but they don't show up when I want to progress past 15. It just keeps opening up and asking me to gift friends or buy gold. Any help appreciated.

  19. Reiner says:

    It is a good game although the dictionary is quite poor. I have just completed level 135. The cost in real money for extras is too high so I don't buy. Some levels need a lot of luck, whilst others require a good look at the board and where tile bashing is the task, make as many four, five, six and seven letter words as possible and try linking them for better scores.

  20. Ackerson says:

    i would also like to get the music, anyone know what it is?

  21. i cant activate level 4..i have no gold and i am tired of asking friends to help ,,we dont pick up gold along the game ,,so how do we activate levels if were not getting the help ????????????

  22. Deb L says:

    I will not buy anything to play the game and for some reason do not get any gold bars for leveling up – on level 68 and have no idea how to play it – there are NO INSTRUCTIONS to play.. bummer.. good game but not good instructions

  23. gloria says:

    level 123 says make x3 plus line clear what is a line clear please?

  24. can't get past level 22, where you have to complete the board in 90 seconds and reach a point score of 8525, its been over a week, and i just can't do it… so frustrating

  25. Churry says:

    I've been stuck on level 123 for ages, I have cleared a full line heaps of times but doesn't score, ???????????????

  26. mamoun says:

    plz add me I need friends

  27. lotti says:

    I am stuck on level 123 too and cleared lots of full lines. but it never scores.

  28. alben williams says:

    line clearer is when you get a six letter word it will give you a tile that will clear a whole line if you use that tile

  29. Judy says:

    Anyone have any idea on how to get past ribbons

  30. diane says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get a quill sharpener without paying? It doesnt even give me the option to ask friends for help, so Im stuck

  31. sandi says:

    What does it mean to clear the ink?

  32. marsha says:

    level 32 any help??

  33. Donna Bansen says:

    this is a fun game. But I am tired of this game and many others that don't allow you to use the gifts you receive. I will not ask people to play anymore or for gifts because of this. I have been stuck on level 60 for weeks. It seems impossible to me. If you do get close the bird drops letters in the way. Any Ideas… I would hate to remove this game.

  34. sheila says:

    How do i get through level 74 someone please help me ….

  35. sheila says:

    I mean how do i get through level 79

  36. Marta says:

    How much gold do I need to unlock Level 46? I don't know how to unlock it. Any ideas???

  37. Debbie says:

    stuck for 3 days on level 98 …. wtf is going on with this game ….. so many friends have quit because you wont let us collect energy……. this is so stupid …. and no…im not paying to play a game ….. why are you doing this

  38. Mary says:

    I am stuck on level 12. I click on letters to make words but nothing happens. I have cleared my cache and disabled my pop up blocker.

  39. Valerie Frogier says:

    help me please , i m on level 16 and i can't play .

  40. jackie says:

    Can anyone please help me by telling me how they got thru level 98? I have been stuck for over a week and it's beginning to be stressful instead of fun! I think it is very UNFAIR of words of wonder to change the game to where you can NOT use all your energy your friends send to you! What is the point of sending or asking for energy if the game is not going to allow you to use them???? On level 98 you only have 68 secs. to get 12750 points so if anyone has got thru level 98 please tell me how you did it?

  41. kay says:

    stuck on level 98. How do I get pass. 68 seconds is know where long enough

  42. level 98 seems to be impossible ? its timed but seems to stick and run out of time! help

  43. 1 arrow says:

    Can anyone help me on level 102. I just can't get the letter 'x' that I'm supposed to clear twice, to even appear on the board.
    I have tried 'mining' the entire board with clearing tiles, and nearly cleared it completely in one move, I have used a line clearer (in both directions)…. helppppppp….

  44. Kathy says:

    I need a hint for how to get past Level 79. Help!?!?!?!

  45. ROxanne says:

    Im in level 195.. all i can is… there are many words in dictionary that won't here.. i mean the game doesnt recognize it… it's good though….

  46. Roxanne says:

    try to spell 2 words with 8 letters or more, then connect the two tiles….. in few seconds u'll ace up your game… that's the secret.. I am on the last chapter=) you can check my account=) Roxanne Rombaoa-estor.. I can give u more tips=)

  47. beverly says:

    level 68 makes no sense at all. The only time it clears the w's on the side is the first word you make in the beggining that has a w in it after that nothing happens wtf?

  48. Pete says:

    game is running really slowly – Firefox, IE8, Chrome …

    system is a 3.2ghz (single core), 2gb mem, 100gb free drive space. XP Home, SP3. 256mb video card.

    Firefox runs to 260gb, and Plugin-Container runs to 330gb and 50% CPU.

    any thoughts/suggestions (other than going to Win7)?

  49. katt says:

    I can't get out of level 79. The one where the 2 feathers are each in a bottom square to the sides. I don't know why there are no directions. it makes me crazy

  50. Marlene Hurst says:

    I can't play at all!! Keep getting an error that says Snytec error??? guess it doesn't matter have been on the same level for weeks!

  51. Marlene hurst says:

    It is all a rip off trying to get money!!

  52. barb says:

    Can someone help with 101—-how do you get the feathers on the bottom. I have cleared everything but can't figure out how to do the bottom 2. ?????????????????????????????/

  53. Rosemary says:

    What are the winged letters for?

  54. joyce says:

    How can I get past level 35? I've tried everything…..

  55. Bill says:

    How do you make U's come down on Level 97?

  56. Donna Bansen says:

    need help with level 102…remove 2 x's they have yet to appear. I enjoy the game but instructions would be helpful. I also agree the dictionary is very poor.

  57. jude says:

    I am stuck on level 98. The problem is with the timing and the burning tiles. The game continues to count down but won't let me get the next word until the letters have stopped moving. Any ideas?

  58. Christine Whitelaw says:

    I don't understand level 105. What do I have to do to clear 6 x3s

  59. jean says:

    68…any answers

  60. i am stuck on level 162……clear the "K" i cant get any K's to drop 🙁

  61. Helen says:

    on level 127 and have been for a few days. yesterday this level froze up and I can't play it. I can go back and play a previous board but this is just froze. I have tried it on Firefox, Internet exployer and Chrome. all the same.

  62. Maria says:

    How do I get the quills from the bottom boxes that are outside the actual playgame box? (Level 101)

  63. Bull says:

    tve played words on level 131 with two X3 blocks in each word…and it will not give me credit..need four x3+x3 to pass…can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or the right way to pass it…

  64. Patty says:

    Word take valid words…Please fix problem

  65. leprkn says:

    I would like to know how to play level 101 please

  66. doris knight says:

    Will not pay money to play.

  67. barbara says:

    am struck on level 114… please help

  68. Tracy says:

    As with many fb games, Words of Wonder is a rip-off. It's only fun until you have to start purchasing "gold" to keep playing. Although I did it a couple of times, I realized what a scam it was. I quit the game and have no intention of playing any games on fb in the future.

  69. thelma says:

    went on to a new level the word thunder came up to practice cant get out of it

  70. Einnobrekrab says:

    Had reach level 106, then started having problems with simple words like sun and spot not being recognized. This does not allow me to complete this round. I am not happy with the fact that you cannot easily contact the support team for assistance in reporting or solving problems. After I complete the use of my last purchase…I am done! Disney should have a more user friendly system. And to not be able to use Internet Explorer. Simply dumb!

  71. Jeanne says:

    can't get on level 26, the owl and the blam word won't leave the page, help me please .

  72. svp says:

    so, in level 79, how in the heck can you drop 2 feathers? They're in boxes all by themselves….

  73. wendy says:

    I am so pissed off. I tried to send requests for staffing and none of my neighbors are showing up.

  74. Barb K says:

    I've played 162 over and over. It says to drop 5 "K" tiles but I never even see more than 2 during the whole game. Is this a glitch? Because I cannot clear them if they are not here.

  75. Barbara says:

    i need help on 69 any help would be great

  76. It is asking me if while I am waiting I want to try friendly competition but doesn't tell me how and won't go on! I'm stuck!

  77. Sheryl Jones says:

    LEVEL 162 IN WORDS OF WONDER–SAYS CLEAR 'K' TILES–THERE AREN'T ANY ON THE BOARD…the most I have gotten is 3 and I had the game 4x to get them…help please?

  78. Carolyn Marcus says:

    FIX THE GAME!!!! I haven't been able to play this game for 7 straight days.

  79. Anna says:

    salve! anche se completo il livello 86 il gioco non va avanti….come mai? a chi posso rivolgermi?

  80. Debbie says:

    Level 121 says use a x2 + x2 3 times. How do I do that ? Thanks

  81. wilma says:

    how do I upgrade browser

  82. Tammy says:

    I have been playing on FB but it will no longer allow me to play. Says I need a new version of flash player and I am running the newest.

  83. patsy guy says:

    i do not know how to play level 83 can someone tell me how to plau it please

  84. Carol Amico says:

    i don't understand what 6 'x3' tiles mean on level 105… Please help

  85. Ganesh Baskaran says:

    I stuck with Level 154 for past 5 days. This is the level i could't able to clear for very long time. Please advice how to clear it.

    thanks in advance

  86. normataubman says:

    On level 162. Cant complete level because there are so few Ks. How can i over come their lack.?

  87. Crisha says:

    How do you get gold? I am on level 131 and have only one gold bar. I don't understand that. A friend is on a much lower level and she has 9!! How do you get them?

  88. carrie says:

    stuck on level 163…how can you clear "k" tiles if they do not give you any??? is there a trick to earning them? any help would be great…

  89. Mary says:

    After several day's of fighting these higher levels, I'm just about ready to *CAN* this game, as in *QUIT* playing it!!! I am currently in LEVEL 180 and game instructions are * Remove 65 pieces of glue* all well and good but every 10 seconds there are 5 fresh bombs ready to count down, and blow My Game up. So I have tried to keep them exploding while I try to clear the glue!!! .As I am keeping track of the bombs and making any word I can as they are counting down and not in the association with any glue at all *Game is over no turns left* !! Used all of the turns fighting darn bombs!!! So what's the Deal with this game play design that I sure am at a loss with?? And I didn't get too level 180 by being stupid …..Why are the bombs so frequent and fast too about taking your game away? I won't buy anything to get past this, and I have a lot of friends that I will tell about it so they won't either got that!! Why treat Players this way 🙁

  90. carol says:

    the timed levels are not fair for the hand handicapped people playing this

  91. heddym says:

    I'm stuck on level 240. How do you get through it?!

  92. Gill says:

    No point in playing this game, as it is impossible to get through the higher levels-they make it too hard. Time to delete this game!

  93. Carolyn says:

    How do I get "L"s to appear in level 100?

  94. need friends for words of wonder

  95. Susan Duchesneau says:

    I am now level 121…Will someone please tell me what a x2+x2 square or line is….I'm stumped ….Thank You

  96. Jennie says:

    I have completed level 127 twice but game won't let me advance. Please help!

  97. patsy guy says:

    im stuck on 133 clear lines with six leters dont work

  98. patticakes says:

    stuck on lever 240, can anyone help me???

  99. Mike says:

    The entire game board will not fit in the game window on facebook. There is an ad on the bottom covering some of the game board as well. I can not figure out how to view the entire game board. Very frustrating!

  100. Liz says:

    I'm stuck on level 109, can't get the quills to drop below the blocks with thingies hanging! Help please!

  101. ImmaBeMe says:

    Stuck on level 68 any one beat this one????

  102. Maggie says:

    Can't figure out Level 83, any ideas to help me…please!

  103. cathy greeno peyton says:

    This is the last map Im paying to advance to. I do not get all the coins added to acct when I use what friends leave, so it will be on to the next great, but free game after this map.

  104. tina says:

    need help with level 68

  105. guillermo solano says:

    tengo10 dias de estar atazcado en el nivel 105, como logro hacer X3 si no tengo oro para comprar

  106. peggy says:

    help with level 127

  107. melissa werchovsky says:

    I love this game but can not get it on my samsung tablet

  108. irma says:

    estoy en el nivel 162 ..tengo q eliminar 5 F ..pero no me bajan F en la grilla…que hago

  109. santosh says:

    hi i have stuck on level 344 cant beet explosion .. can anybody help me to get gold

  110. Brenda Griffin says:

    I don't understand the rules of level 105. What does this mean 6 x'3'. Could you please explain.

  111. MERY LOU says:


  112. laili rozita saleh says:

    can let me know why i cant go to level 346 as ive done that level 345 for 4 times.

  113. Janet Reed says:

    I've finished page 5 level 75 and it says "to be continued" and won't do anything else. Is that it?

  114. ricardo says:

    el juego se me quedo travado en el nivel 32 no me deja formar las palabras solo se iluminan trs letras y no puedo jugar


  115. Frances Pack says:

    I've reached level 120 and there doesn't seem to be a page 9 as all it says is TO BE CONTINUED

  116. Linda says:

    I have completed level 120. I can not advance to Chapter 9. Why? I play on an iPad.

  117. Kathy110 says:

    I keep getting the message "to be continued" at the end of chapter 8( level 120). It doesn't ask for money or help from friends. It's been 10 days! Driving me crazy!

  118. joyce says:

    stuck for a week on level 344 can you help please

  119. doxie says:

    i can't send requests to friends to help me unlock the next chapter. i click 'ask friends' but nothing happens

  120. Ranee Farrer says:

    I’ve completed level 120 but game will not let me proceed to 121?? What do I need to do? Love the game 🙂 and want to play but it won’t let me?

  121. Joe says:

    level 131 help anyone?

  122. Jaz says:

    I'm on level 103. What do I have to do to get X3. Play the whole game without one x3. Help

  123. Kaye says:

    how do I get owl off level 26

  124. Kaye B says:

    need to know how to get owl off of game on level 26 can”t get blame off screen.

  125. Kaye B says:

    need to know how to get owl off level 26 BLAM won’t clear from screen.

  126. claudette coons says:

    would like to keep playing but waiting forever, last page keep on reporting that it is TO BE CONTINUED.may need to delete……..still have money in….

  127. Bev says:

    How do you get lives in order to play on??? Game is quite frustrating.

  128. Miss Lucy says:

    Level 152 .. NO WAY in 23 moves can you clear the required tiles! Anyone have any ideas?

  129. Dolores Tupper says:

    I don't make it a habit of buying BOOSTS or energy because i am fortunate enough to have a good group to give and take those things but not much information about what tricks to try. The extra moves you earn or GIFT to each other really do help.

  130. alessandra says:

    Come posso risolvere il mio problema?Sono bloccata al livello 127 dove devo fare un 3+3 due volte ma non ci riesco,mi date qualche suggerimento?Grazieeeeeeeee

  131. Marsha Hays says:

    How do I add friends? Someone invited me to play but I need extra friends

  132. patr says:

    cant get past level 131 help plrase

  133. Aparna says:

    I'm on level 96 where the objective is Clear 7×2 tiles. I don't understand this. What does it mean?

  134. pituca monron says:

    Estoy en el nivel 176 y no entiendo, como eliminar las casillas, ayuda porfis,

  135. Julia says:

    I'm stuck on Level 17 how do I get the Lanturns I need to move on.

  136. laura fiorani says:

    sono bloccata da tempo al livello 345 non riesco a superarlo come si fa?

  137. Beverly McNeely says:

    What am I suppose to do in level 105

  138. Gloria Johnson says:

    I am Gloria Johnson, I am on Face Book, And have been for almost a year. I play the Game Words of Wonder, I am to be on Level 31, & have asked for friends to help Me unlock to continue, but I was informed that My Friends, said, they have net seen my Picture, therefore, I have noway to get friends to help Me. Please Help.

  139. Carol says:

    How do I get passed level 62. I have to make the word giant which I do, but nothing happens any ideas please

  140. isabel says:

    what happened that I win 7 times te level 167 and always appear the phrase : oh error en su pantalla.. and I still in the same level always.. I"m tired maybe is better let the game because is cheeting on me

  141. Graffiti Gal says:

    I am on level 120 on Words of Wonder and I had 2 bars of gold in the box that says gold and it shows that I do not have any gold and I am wondering where the gold is. I did not use these 2bars of gold. I have only bought gold to go into the next adventure. I really enjoy the game, but I would like to know what happened to my bars of gold. I do feel that if you make it through to the next level that there should be a reward of some gold bars, especially when it requires a purchase of gold bars to enter into the next level.

  142. yousouf says:

    I am stuck on level 83 pls help!

  143. Becky McEntire says:

    I get "can't connect to Facebook" error message….just the last 24 hours. Anyone else having this problem?

  144. doreen gamby says:

    Iwords of wonder has stopped working on my Ipad why

  145. How are you being ripped off if you haven't spent any money, and your money hasn't been stolen??

  146. Johne3 says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus. dbccgabedgec

  147. dell says:

    I'm stuck on level 166 where it says to make the word TICK & watch the bombs drop..Ha, not funny at all, so frustrating..not working for me.

  148. T Ray says:

    I haven't been able to get passed level 129 forever. 3-6 letter words with what they give me??? HELP

  149. T RAY says:

    please get me off level 129!!!!!!!!

  150. Jane says:

    I am stuck at level 32. I remove all the ink, but don't understand what the x2 and x3 is???

  151. argentina says:

    perchè ..non riesco più a collegarmi con questo gioco?? ……..quando vado al gioco …niente !!!!!!!!!! pagina bianca!!!!!

  152. fRANKIE BOWMAN says:

    My name is Frankie Bowman. I just purchased flowers and due to receive GOLD. When will I get my GOLD

  153. cahrlotte godbyr says:

    Okay I have been on level 474 for over a month,I have made large words that make all the tiles blue alot of times & still cant get threw.I have had gold & infinity and still cant get threw .What is up with that ?You smart people need to do something about this level.I'am getting tired of playing that long before you can get threw.Please help soon

  154. Marge K says:

    I'm on 127, don't understand the concept. Any help or solution hints?

  155. cricket48 says:

    stuck on level 345…need help!!!!!!!!!!

  156. petro says:

    I strugle with leval 167 not sure what to do and its now 2 weeks help please

  157. Judy Grundel says:

    I passed level 21 and a tutorial comes on and wont work. How do I get past this?

  158. CDS says:

    This website has challenges- always stuck, re-freshes. Only game I like but is frustrating to stay ‘live’. Need ‘friends’ to help you advance.
    Perhaps time to let the game go.

  159. GLORIA PADILLA says:

    Se me hace dificil conseguir oro, es decir nunca he conseguido, miro los videos pero no me dan nada. no se como mandar mensaje para que me desbloqueen. dudo que mis amigos los reciban porque en otros juegos he recibido apoyo de todos, y tampoco se Como desbloquear a los amigos HELP ME. ME FASCINA EL JUEGO

  160. Armida Tierney says:

    Why do I run out of ink on level 243 before the game is done?

  161. Wildrose says:

    WildroseI feel really stupid asking about level 6, & everyone is way up in the high levels, although mostly stuck. Thank goodness others can help!! So I read to get the ink spots gone, first it gets watery and then it disappears on the second use, is that right? Except mine looks like it freezes and then thaws and it’s back again… I blow them up but they never disappear?
    Help, please! :). This is the worst game, & even dumber at that. So goes the addiction to it.Thanks, all!

  162. jeanette says:

    Been on level 259 for 6 months. no way can I win this .

  163. Gail says:

    I love this game. Only one I play but I am so sick of it freezing in the middle of games. Usually when I am having a good one.

  164. My developer is trying to convince me to move to .net from PHP.

    I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on various websites for about a year and am anxious about switching to another platform.
    I have heard fantastic things about blogengine.net. Is there a way
    I can transfer all my wordpress posts into it? Any help would be really appreciated!

  165. Teresa Rogers says:

    How do I clear level 83? I have been stuck all day.

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