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World Of Ants

World Of Ants

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World Of Ants is the third browser game that has been introduced by the young Berlin based game publisher Neonga after A Mystical Land and Dragon Soul, both of which are set in fantasy 3D World. World of Ants will also be a big hit among browser games. As of now, the German players have been able to access the German language version.

As the name suggests, World Of Ants revolves around the animal “Ants”, so everything here is about ants. Players assume the role of a ruler to seek for an ant colony. As a first step, you have to choose a name for your capital. Choose it wisely as this is the first impression you make on your enemies.

Newbie Protection

Newbie Protection prevents others from attacking you, but also yourself from attacking them. Build your main chamber level 10, and your Newbie Protection will end immediately.

Tasks and Quests:

There are many tasks to accomplish in order to bring prosperity to your kingdom! For this, your consult-Ant has prepared many quests for you. Fulfill these and it will help your state prosper!

In the task list, you find tasks you can complete to get rewards. The current tasks are ones that you are ready to accomplish at the time. Under Quest Goals, you can find a progress view so that you can plan your next steps. Available quests are ones that you can accept, but which are not yet active. Current quests are active and can be fulfilled. Completed and failed quests are no longer active and are only displayed for reference.

Build New chambers:

In order to build or expand chambers, you need the listed resources. If you do not have a sufficient supply of a specific resource, the amount will appear in red and the building will not be possible.

Your anthill is made up of different chambers and mines which you can build and develop over time.  These chambers serve several purposes like storing the resources you gather from your mines.  The most important one of your resources is water. Your ants need water, your armies need water and you need water to create and build items, chambers and more. That’s why the first thing you should look at is creating your water supply.

To build a new chamber, open the Build Chambers menu. Simply click on the Colony icon in the main menu at the bottom of the window.  Now select Build Chamber – either by clicking the Build Chamber icon or select the corresponding tab.

Bookmarks and Maps

Bookmarks help you to remember interesting places and to mark enemy’s and friend’s colonies. The search function allows you to either jump to certain coordinates or search for players, empires and colonies – just enter the information and hit the search button. You can move the map by “click and pull” with the mouse or using the “jump to” function within search. You can enlarge or shrink the map using the mouse wheel our the two buttons at the lower right of the map.


But the players are not tied to their native ant hill in World Of Ants. They can conquer other colonies and expand their empire.  Both military and peaceful means that are available in the form of diplomacy. But of course they have to ensure that they are not victims of an opponent’s campaign. For this purpose they should defend their cities and enhance the fortresses.

In a world, World Of Ants makes you has a role of animal protagonist to play. Also, the mining, processing, and trading of items as well as research features constitute a complete set of the strategy-oriented gameplay.

It is time to control the fate of your ants and to assume responsibility. Join World of Ants Forum to explore strategy and tips.

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  1. […] Neonga announced today the start of the English version of its free-to-play browser games “World of Ants“. English-speaking players can now participate in “the biggest and most powerful empire” […]

  2. […] to many other strategy games, World of Ants allows you be a leader and take principal responsibility to develop and strengthen your realm […]

  3. TGW BLOG - World of Ants says:

    […] to many other strategy games, World of Ants lets you be a leader and take principal responsibility to develop and strengthen your realm by […]

  4. Dianne says:

    The game is fine except other players bully and try to get your private info. Support doesn't seem to care and if they call you name and pharm for your info the just let it go.

  5. World of Ants Review says:

    […] of land to constitute nations which are built for the ultimate purpose of going into war. But World of Ants, a free-to-play game in this category, makes itself an exception with its innovative gameplay set […]

  6. paul says:

    i been playing for 6 months nobody has ever asked me for any of my info

  7. Cristian says:

    Cristi and ppl get paranoid in the US mostly (they have stalkers ,etc ) but its a global server , ( dummmy) for someone to do anything that u might find intrusive , iwould cost a lot of money XD , and im not afraid of anyone 🙂 im a big guy 🙂 we dont get stalked ,
    and dont talk on the chat if u dont want to socialize
    and who cares about ur info XD
    and many players might ask for ur info so that they bond and have a friend in need 🙂 (or so that u dont atack them )

  8. J. Coates says:

    World of ands has not been working for two days now has the site crashed?

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