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World of Battleships

World of Battleships

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Wargaming.net
Developer:  Wargaming.net
Genre:  Action

World of Battleships is a free naval  intense MMORPG that attempts to fill the vacancy for the “World of” war trilogy as there are two warfare MMO games released – World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. In september 13, 2011, Wargaming.net officially launched the official website with screenshots, trailer and description introduced, but the release date is not yet confirmed.

Powered by the same game Engine that has been used in World of Tanks, World of Battleships takes place during 20th century devastating sea wars. By synchronizing and transporting the resources among the three games, the game centers on user-friendly interface, easy-to-use control, and economy system.

In World of Battleships, you control the battleships and fleet in a bid to assist ground forces and tanks to attack enemies. The game draws heavily upon his predecessors. There are a number of battleships, from which you choose your own course and then you should be armed to the teeth. For instance, you can enhance your ship’s speed, power and endurance.

Apart from the fundamental gameplay, World of Battleships works with a complete set of maps, weather conditions and etc. Players must prepare for the battle according to different levels.

115 Comments on World of Battleships


  1. Mike says:

    What next? World of Infantry, World of Factory Workers, World of Miners… Er… Sorry… There is Minecraft already… %)

  2. Pleun says:

    This is going to be epic. 😉

  3. wildzwijn says:

    nice , but how you download this game,play already world of tanks

  4. jason says:

    thats means it is not published yet.

  5. Sam says:

    The trailer sucks but hopefully the game doesnt. And mike world of infantry does sound good

  6. Rehpotsirhc says:

    I can`t for the release of this game. update faster guys

  7. that one guy says:

    lol World of infantry is called call of duty, metal of honor, etc…

  8. dude says:

    why cant i download world of warships

  9. that one guy says:

    idiot, IT ISNT OUT YET and its called world of battleships

  10. gamer says:

    when will it come out as i dont know?

  11. jacob says:

    alpha came out sept 15 2011 its february 4 2012. imean cmon how long does it take to get into beta version

  12. some unknown dude says:

    at the moment it is 23 feb. and still we haven't any idea iwhen it comes out

  13. madtyzer says:

    cant wait for it

  14. blaze says:

    maybe next step would be combining them in to 1

  15. martin says:

    Ten battleship registruje gde a instaluje?

  16. martin says:

    Ten battleship se registruje gde a instaluje?

  17. Manos says:

    The trio completes Land:world of tanks
    Air:world of warplanes
    Sea:world of battleships

  18. Dreddnort says:

    It'll be hard to beat Battlestations Pacific though. That game rocks!! Lots of direct, realistic action and game play.

  19. Barclay says:

    I only have Battlestation: Midway does Pacific come before or after that? I wish they would give the actual release date.

  20. Jordan Moll says:

    i don't like the trailer but i hope it's better than it looks

  21. jordan says:

    i don't like the trailer but it should be better than it looks

  22. cpb says:

    if this is going to be half as addictive as worldoftanks we are going to have fun

  23. kuty says:

    when this game is ready thoger with the world of planes tell me please

  24. shadowtheif says:

    I would suspect the only one left that they could possibly make (but i dont foresee this happening) would be World of Space Ships… as that is the only terrain that has not yet been used. And if for some God forsaken reason that they should make something like that i have no possible idea how they would do that as humanity currently does not have war-designed space craft… Or that we (I) know of…. but here is to hoping. 😀

  25. PDGII says:

    ok now, is there any update on this. like i play world of tanks. i heard world of planes still remains in beta even after a year which is bocus, so where is this update on a release date for world of warships. i like how they pieced together world of tanks, and navyfield just doesnt cut it.

  26. black says:

    why i can´t download and play world of battleships?

  27. Vadim says:

    World of Space Ships exists and is called "PIRATE GALAXY". I play it already fro 3 years now.
    Best Graphic I have ever seen.

  28. death says:

    it need to come out

  29. CA captian says:

    Watch out Navy Fields or maybe not. compatition or maybe not. Love the words free to play. If you dont hurry up and release this dam game the other navy ship game will be dead. I dont know how you will make it better then whats out already. MAYBE TIME WILL TELL providing it comes out before we all die!

  30. tyler says:

    oh men oh i wanna get epic BIG WEAPONSSS and BATTLE SHIPS i am so exited!!!!!1 😀

  31. killing_spree2 says:


  32. james the jerk says:

    i think this would be sucks cuz i like world of tanks world of tanks IS EPIC ONLINE MMORPG GAME!!! I AM KING OF THE GAME !!!!!! ;D

  33. jared says:

    i wonder when it will be out

  34. kinsu says:

    It's not even in alpha stage

  35. Pirabee says:

    I’m looking forward to this game very much. I’m presently in World of Tanks as well as a beta tester on World of Warplanes. Both are very interesting, but I look forward to bringing Bismarck out of the Brest docks again or the Gneisenau through the Bering straits. One small warning though, don’t make the maps too cramped, please. Give the players enough room for maneuvers and tactical movement. Play around with different features such as shallows, high seas, rain-squalls, fog and so on.

  36. Dim4e says:

    how to download this game!?

  37. nameless says:

    Now it would be nice if they made a modern game, including tanks and planes, choppers, maybe even infantry

  38. mole says:

    how to downlod this game?

  39. WoT Tanker says:

    World of Tanks is stellar, and am also waiting on World of Battleships/Warships whichever it may be. Have heard from wargaming once all 3 games are up, they WILL combine them on the same maps. 3 stand alone games that will actually work together a 1 game. Will be interesting to say the least.

  40. I think that they wait until they are done with the World of Warplanes Betas, currently they have expanded the amount of invited players in to WoWP – Closed Beta



  42. NightLight says:

    omg, how do you download it!? im coming to a blue website but with no download button 🙁

  43. NightLight says:

    so.. their going to mix all three together ? does anyone know when that will come out here to download then? and how?

  44. NiLe-FAN766 says:

    They make now 3 games. They maybe later make more games, but this 3 is good start.

  45. jojkill says:

    Listen u cant download the game cause it isnt out…… And they wont release anymore games then this so far. (until we maybe get some space battel ships) Just wait and look at forums etc, they will probably give information on World of Warplanes and ofc World of Tanks. Hope this helps and plz dont ask when its realesed. 😛

  46. Well it is September 30th 2012, and there is not even beta for this game. But to shed some light onto the topic I was reading at wargaming.net that the release will be in 2013, and as someone mentioned, from what I read and understand they're uniting three games together.

    Personally I think it will be the best ever wargaming game ever created as really there is nothing like this, and I guess there never will be. It must cost alot for them to develop those games, and from the point I see it, this is why ''gold'' (the premium points you have to buy) are so expensive, to cover the cost of the development of those game 😉

  47. andy says:

    would it be possible to combine world of infantry with world of tanks and aircraft imagine mechanised infantry anti tank guns bazookas panzerfaust with air support

  48. jason says:

    what does it mean in battle stations midway when it says you may need to switch to 6500 to make room for incoming traffic and this is on the online part and how would you fix that. if anyone can help me that would be awsome.

  49. thomaskillergamer says:

    when dose this come out?

  50. Dave says:

    World of Computer Game Players that would be good 😉

  51. stealth250 says:

    i already play world of tanks and world of warplanes.can not wait to play this

  52. sam says:

    I have world of tanks,world of war planes now all i need is a world of battle ships

  53. singapore general says:

    world of tank shut down

  54. lololololoololololo says:

    I actully have both Midway and pacific plus i hope it comes out in march 13 ITS GONNA BE MY BRITHDAY!

  55. Erreul says:

    They said they would be incorperating Infantry into World of Tanks, as a secondary type deal. If I remember correctly, I could be wrong.

  56. ironhead says:

    how to download?

  57. Barry says:

    The only way forward is a massive 24/7 live mmropg combining all (air/sea/land) with upto 5000 players all in one game. Mission could be – Force a beachlanding, build a base, capture enemies base, support with air and sea forces etc

  58. FENIXV says:

    pues si tenemos tankes , aviones , y pronto barcos, xdr solo falta que creen algo parecido a call of duty y ya seria la leche juntarlo todo.

    Espero con interes el de los barquitos, creo que sera interesante.

  59. boy says:

    when it release for asean…
    how can i download this games?

  60. Ridder says:

    If Wargaming is going to mess up World of Battleships the wat they've messed up World of Tanks I'd rather give it a pass. Oh and just before someone tries to tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about… I've been playing WoT for the past 2 years plus and have been a paying member the whole way and own a clan in their clan wars. Their latest patches as well as clan wars are a mess and not enjoyable to play anymore. My whole clan is moving over to War Thunder which is currently in the Beta stage. Wargaming "ticket support" sucks and the company has started taking a "we want to milk you as much as we can without giving you anymore quality gameplay" approach in WoT. The number of players on the servers are dramatically down (from an average of 40k+ players to 20k+) during peak traffic. If Wargaming wants WoT to survive or even WoB not to fail before it even launches they'd better change their attitude toward the gaming community in general and the paying gamers in particular by sorting out their glitches and sharpen their game support.

  61. WTF!!! says:

    dmn, im playing WoT many many jears and i have a great tanks , medals, great statica, now i tryng to play WoB, just tryng what game it is,i registred on this fcking WoB an same account name, but now i have bad suprise, my WoT account is as new no tanks no ponts no medals, now i most play again as new custumer, FCK FCK, plz don do same mistake like me, its like my friend says : noobish mistake: 😀

  62. phillip says:

    fukin stupid wont let me play

  63. medal sonic says:

    actually (that one guy) the game is called world of warships http://worldofwarships.com/
    but most people call it world of battleships wich is incorrect. if you want more information goto http://eu.wargaming.net/

  64. CLAUDIO says:

    poaPODAodkasdlma sdjskadjasjdlsaldçasçdkPADJalçdlsakjdlAJDO

  65. ármin says:

    Holl lehet letőlteni

  66. fafafa says:


  67. WHY cant have it|!? says:


  68. pajche128 says:

    Kako da instaliram worldofwarships….nigde ne widim opciju…igram sa tenkovima i avionima…al bi i sa brodovima

  69. zoran says:

    dali si nasao link za download igricu ja nemogu nikako da udjem u igru

  70. hen says:

    rubbish just facing caants

  71. braden4350 says:

    i wonder if this is as fun as it looks I'll see

  72. braden4350 says:

    I just got battlestations Pacific

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