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World of Heroes

World of Heroes

Release Date:  2011/729
Publisher:  YeepGame
Developer:  FeeSee (China)

World of Heroes is a 2D flash-based strategy game that is developed by China-based FeeSee, and published by YeepGame behind Rising of King. Typically, the game puts players in a battlefield where both of hostile sides compete against each other for colony conquest, resources looting, glory and supremacy.


The game was firstly released in 2010 in China under the title of 英雄世界.  Thus far, there have been 15 servers available, no server merged. Thanks to its fantasy-themed genre, It has some potential to hit North American market.  Earlier 2011, YeepGame (趣游(北京)科技有限公司) signed an agreement deal with FeeSee to localize and operate the game for English-speaking players.


Like many other Browser MMOs, World of Heroes presents players a warfare world. What you need to do first is select a Hero who will lead and command troops in the battlefield.  By following and completing the tutorial such as “How to manually battle”, “How to conquer territory”, “How to recruit advanced heroes”, players must have mastered some basics of the game. Afterward, players can take initiative to explore the unknown world full of hazards and dangers.

What should be highlighted is its Unit System, which offers three typical units – Flying, Melee, and Long-range – much like War 2 Glory’s land, Sea and Air troops. Perhaps, World of Heroes has drawn inspiration from War 2-themed games. Since it largely differs from what we knew. For example, War of Dragons, Three Kingdoms Online, World of Lordcraft.

Each time your hero wins a battle, you will get Experience and rewards like Wood, and stone. Once you have gained enough experience and the EXP bar reaches 100%, your heroes will level up.


Three races-themed game always reminds me of Three Kingdoms Online in Chinese history. World of Heroes did the same way as three races – Knight, Elf, Wizard – envisions a fantasy world in mystical manner.


1, Battlefield: By deploying an array of heavily armed troops, you can make good use of your tactics to boost your troops. For example, if the target dispatches a melee soldier to attack you, you will have to counterattack him using most effective way. Otherwise, your other troops will suffer a lot.

2, Instances: A strategy tactical game with role-playing and Instances brawling functions? This is World of Heroes work distinguishing itself from those forgotten. The instances leverage the WOW’s raid system, which allows players to challenge Boss monsters and gain even more rewards.

3, Arena: For Epic pvp fighting fans, Arena may be a better place in which they can duel and beat each other. With better equipment, chances are you will be the winner and get respected among thousands of players in the same server.


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We are now testing the game as we are invited to play the game, and the full review will be updated in this unofficially official page.

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