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World of Lordcraft

World of Lordcraft

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Thunderstorm(China)
Developer:  Thunderstorm(China)
Genre:  RTS, RPG, MMO

World of Lordcraft, (or Lordcraft) is a Browser-based MMORPG where are can become a warrior of Azeroth and choose between a dwarf, human, or undead, Orc or Dwarf. Your task is to fight against the Burning Legion or enemies that destroyed your home.

At the moment, World of Lordcraft is hosted at lordcraft with constantly updated contents, new maps, items, quests, and NPCs.ย  Earlier 2011, the domain World of Lordcraft was parked due to the copyright dispute, and in March it returns as a new domain lordcraft.com. Now the domain worldofwarcraft.com has been redirected to battle.net for unknown reason. And even the Chinese version has been redirected to 51aow.com, a casino gambling site.


World of Lordcraft is a real potboiler. Labeled as a real-time strategy MMO, it lets you down in the very beginning and makes no remedy with any attractive features to retrieve your heart afterwards. Among all MMOs under the strategy category, it is less than mediocrity.

World of Lordcraft, on the whole, makes do in the superficial fronts such as passable graphics, simple registration, quick loggin and clear interface, etc.; and makes fashion in the core gameplay inclusive of the building mechanics and strategic military moves.

Upon entry, the in-game 2D graphic shows up reasonably good, with the background clear, icons vivid and figures exquisite. Yet when the building part ushers in, it turns out that all architectures resemble one another, varying little from blue-roofed cubicles erected on pre-set empty lands within the city. Such monotony does not stop in the building style, rather spreads widely to all corners of the game.

Short as it is, the novice guide is redundant, since all of it is just clicking, to construct a few buildings or to send troops into a single dungeon, and then coming to an end. Even from the very beginning, you will soon feel the irritating grinding of construction that half a minute suffice to complete a level 1 structure, 5 minutes are needed for an upgrading to Level 2 and 15 minutes to Level 3, which is made worse by the limited two construction queues granted to non-payers. Following such a building rate, you can make a rough guess how long it takes before you can have a solid base to support military exploration.

On the surface, quests are rich in variety seen from the categorizing tags of Expansion, Daily, Special, Guild, Faction and Battlefield. Whereas, once delving into questing, you simply find your interests and attention drained quickly, or more exactly, eaten up rapidly by the dull and repetitive gameplay. Even the military confrontation turns out to be insipid: the too small fighting figures (heroes) against grassland move forwards not very smoothly to hack each other in turn, while the large number of dispatched armies is invisible at all, represented only by a simple number beside the leading hero.

To top it off, strategy is not a saving grace, either. There is not much to engage in apart from the basic play covering the combination of different kinds of soldiers and heroes as well as selection of items and skills for them. And mind you, however great you deem the tactics applied, you may lose your battle anyway to opponents, simply because they are paying players. Not only are oblivious advantages in building speed or fighting performance, access to certain gameplay is also needed buying, say, the Wheel of Fortune spins not for free-to-play ones without a Mystery Card purchased from magic shop.

No immersive storyline, no good building mechanics, and even worse strategy part. To put it simply, World of Lordcraft sucks.

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  4. not telling says:

    ur play now thing on world of lordcraft is not working and that can lead to troble:)

  5. LordBen says:

    yo…i played this game is was a great game…but still has not been updated in forever..now days no one really plays it

  6. Darkies says:

    WTH is with the game now, the web page cant load?!?!?!?

  7. Mariol says:

    Sorry game got's problems or did it got shut down?

  8. Barbydong says:

    Damn.. the server is down! Cant access the site for almost 2 days now…

  9. Mr.X says:

    Too bad so sad, but yes look like they pulled the plug finally

  10. Silver_Wolf says:

    well i do believe that they finally shut the whole thing down. cant even get onto reign age either. thats too bad because i enjoyed alot of the people on the game.

  11. PureEvil13 says:

    Seems like they finally shut WOL down, i cant find any information on the domain and it seems pending lawsuits may have forced the issue. I miss a lot of people from there.

  12. Mariol says:

    Well looks like this was all my experience on WOL i am gonna miss everyone there but i did a mistake creating strong relaishonship with so many peoples hope the game get's setteled and creates other versions or get's this thing back.Until then i will just try and find other games but i am sure nothing can replace that.

  13. Mariol says:

    Hallo to all lordcraft players every is welcomed to visit http://prodgame19.lordofultima.com/185/index.aspx we created a guild there named DarkForest and every1 is welcomed to join.

  14. Zmajcek says:

    well i hope WoL will be on soon

  15. Silver_Wolf says:

    As a result of legal actions taken by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., http://www.worldoflordcraft.com has ceased offering the "WORLD OF LORDCRAFT" game.

    this was taken right off of the link for lordcraft that gets redirected to Blizzard.

    looks like we have seen the last of our game

  16. dracula says:

    hi Silver_Wolf

  17. David Lozano says:

    lord zombie – my pc couldnt run it anyways- but i paid, i played – when they changed it i quit for the most part miss you all though!

  18. Silver_Wolf says:

    Hi Flinn and hi Dracula. Hope all is well. i need to find a new game. anyone have any suggestions. would love to talk to some of my friends. Hope to see you all later. Damn i really do miss the game.

  19. Guacamolo says:

    try forge of empire its a new game browser

  20. toki says:

    hey hi to all players of world of lordcraft and sleepys guild and there alliances

  21. toki says:

    Hey what game are we going to play next but i no that nothing can replace wol im going to miss it sob…

  22. toki says:

    Hey what game is wol players going to play next i no nothing can replace world of lordcraft im going to miss it sob… and my friends

  23. Bane says:

    heh, its funny i quit and the the game goes down lmao i miss my people at Wulfbane :p i even miss Dong

  24. GOD of WOL says:

    well…looks like server45 big mouths got some more player to get hurt…as GOD talking here …i remaind u that i flooded the WOL server for 30 days…that will their problem when they will fix it…and if they will fix again the game Mariol..u should stop calling other hackers and cheaters..because was ur forest fault for last flood i lunched…so i hope they open the game back so i can have some more fun with ur minds lmfao…

  25. Zeldo says:

    Guys, this is Zeldo from Wulfbane. Try this game: Call of Gods. It is really good trust me, and I wanted to say hi to all of you. Reply if you can, and Zelda says hi as well. I am on server 6 by the way: Zeldo.s6 Mail me

  26. Zeldo says:

    My email is bvvictoria2@yahoo.com by the way. It is really similiar to Lordcraft, and I played it while Lordcraft was still working in case something like this would happen. You can get gold (money you buy) by selling things. I told PureEvil about some ideas for Lordcraft based on this.

  27. Zeldo says:

    Reply ASAP and contact LadyKat.s6 or whoever is on from Evil Inc. Trust me it is epic. There are even red heroes of constellations: Leo, Aries, etc. Post your emails, and I will send you a link to the game. I will send one to you, SW(:

  28. dracula says:

    hi zeldo

  29. Zeldo says:

    Hey, Dracula(:

    You wanna join the game?(:

    It is really fun^^


    I check here all day and everyday to find everyone!!=D

  30. Brian Minett says:

    hey Zeldo, this is Brian3 got the s6 part but which side?

  31. Zeldo says:

    U can actually be any and have the same guild there are 3 elf human and undead

    Undead=5% vitality (life)
    Human= 5% attack- this race has the most event wins
    Elf=5% agility

    Leave ur email so I can invite u(:


    Btw nice to see u again(:

  32. Zeldo says:

    Please remember no matter what u pick we can have the same guild

  33. Zeldo says:

    Alright, I will send u link later as I am very busy(: I am glad to see u and hope to find everyone else…

  34. Winter Love says:

    So I see it finally crashed…lmao

    I hope all the mods get sued by WOW and loose everything….

  35. lordofwar says:

    i miss this game so much ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ and i dont think its coming back i put a bit of money into it as well ๐Ÿ™ so sad

  36. SexySally says:

    hey Sally Here anyone i know please email me sallyj12345@hotmail.ca

  37. Joe Fox says:

    all of you are fools!!!!! wol was a sham $500 to upgrade a free browser game ???? they deserved to get shut down!!!!!! actually they nedd to be procequted for fruad the game was broken more than it worked and how they can justify the amount of money they charged for a simple 2d browser game lol guess there is a sucker born every minute, please don't take what I said as an insult !!!!!!if you paid these thiefs money to play a crappy game you were a victim of fruad just like me !!!!! Goood riddance the they give the gameing community a bad name!!!!!

  38. boyerz says:

    lol everyone. the server shut down.. Killed by Blizzard but it's best if they make their own game than copying WoW 's characters,story,art.

  39. Walker says:

    yo mate Walker here wish they would bring this one back

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