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World of Planes

World of Planes

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Gaijin Entertainment
Developer:  Gaijin Entertainment
Genre:  MMO

World of Planes is a 3D simulation MMO that is set in the second world war history. It had been developed since 2009, but till April 4, 2011, the developer Gaijin Entertainment made its debut for public. At the E3 2011, Gaijin unveiled some brand new screenshots for World of Planes.

When will the Closed Beta will go live is not clear so far, but players who are interested in this mmo could apply for a beta testing account. To participate in the tests, you must complete a short form on the official website of World of planes.

Some features for World of Planes:

15 Comments on World of Planes


  1. […] against the background of World War II, World of Planes, an upcoming combat MMO from Gaijin, will allow you to pilot all kinds of warplanes, soar into the […]

  2. terppa says:

    this could be nice game…but i hope that like in WOT i dont have to fight whit my WW1 plane against way better planes…like i have to in WOT ….fight forexample even 3 tiers higher opponents..whats kinda stupid and it feels like taking afk allways when theres like 3 tier higher opponents.

  3. Silas says:

    when will the game be released i cant wait much longer. I love W.O.T l have an IS-3 but the point is i want the game released soon.

  4. huricain says:

    i've been playing aces high but when i play that it will be insane. I hope it's better than I thought

  5. mobeywan says:

    Idiots, this isn't World of Warplanes (by Wargaming.net)
    This is world of planes, much older, and by a different company…

  6. Diomedesbc says:

    Planes are different because even in your bi-plane you can still shoot, damage and take down a later plane. I'm really looking forward to this game.

  7. confused says:


    I don't see how you could have much chance shooting down a metal skinned speed demon in your fabric covered snail… Seriously, most WWI bi-planes were lucky to hit around 125mph and had small caliber light machine guns that were only effective at very short range. WWII fighters not only had extremely heavy armament(8 x .50 caliber brownings come to mind), they also cruised at 350mph + with top speeds exceeding well over 400-450mph.

    How in the **** are you going to get into a position to be able to hit that kind of a target let alone damage or kill it? If it is in fact possible to do so then the game mechanics are ludicrously flawed.

  8. ben says:

    This game is called War thunder and has been out for months

  9. Death says:

    In beta

  10. merc591 says:

    its actuallly called world of warplanes btw

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