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World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

Release Date:  June, 2013
Publisher:  Wargaming.net
Developer:  Wargaming.net
Genre:  MMO, Action

World of Warplanes is a stand alone Free to play game being developed by the team that created the award winning and highly acclaimed game, World of Tanks, which is extensively based on military air dominance ranging from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

The game also debuts at E3 2012 and offers a demo (Video here).

“We are proud to be able to develop another high quality Free to Play game for the world’s gaming community,” said Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi. “World of Tanks has been extremely successful and we look to bring the same high quality if not better to World of Warplanes.”

With the recent announcement of the partnership with Lesta the overall portfolio of Wargaming.net now features more than 20 titles highly acclaimed by media and players.

World of Warplanes at E3 2011:

The Russian game developer Wargaming.net probably conquer the MMO heaven, for in the E3 2011, the action-packed and free playable online flight simulation, World of Warplanes announced, which is somewhat confusing with the similarly titled World of Planes by Gaijin Entertainment. Although, actually, the two games are probably very similar, as well as World of Planes is to be an aircraft-MMO. However,  at least the screenshots for World of planes were announced publicly, yet there are nothing substantial available for World of Warplanes.

World of Warplanes Official Website:

On August 9, 2011, the folks at Wargaming.net launched the official website for World of Warplanes, and the teaser website features a lot of screenshots, and other assets for fansite builders.

About World of Tanks:

World of tanks requires team play, coordination among players and more importantly, players shall have a better understanding of the functions of vehicle types in the game. Those who just blindly surprise  battle or action are not entitled to be professional players.

You can expect a battle between Two teams with 15 vehicles against each other. To win a game, it is not absolutely necessary to destroy all enemy tanks, yet each team shall defend a base.

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  12. jacob says:

    when will the creator let everyone be able to play world of battleships and warplanes cuz im mad that only alpha testers can play world of warplanes and i dont even know about battleships

  13. josh says:

    im mad that their still teasting after 3 mounth

  14. Rod says:

    Downloaded the app. w/this link thinking I could play this game, but once again, disapointment prevails..

  15. sniper says:

    fact is if they have a good beta they can fix the kinks so when all you do play it they not flooded with problems and people telling them they shitfull they doing the right thing just hope they dont push the date back a year again

  16. […] introduced ground-attack planes into its flight combat MMO World of Warplanes, currently in its alpha testing stage. These heavily armed warbirds are a massively threatening […]

  17. Adam says:

    Top of the page "Release Date: 2011/12" WAY OFF DOTMMO… not even close

  18. dumbrava adrian says:


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