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World of Western

World of Western

Release Date:  April 30, 2013
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  Puzzle, Adventure

World of Western is a hybrid of a city-building game and a shooting game on Facebook. Its essence is to build a prosperous town and lead the cowboys and Indians to drive off the outlaws. The game transports us to the world of the wild west. If there was once a moment when you have dreamed of being a tough cowboy, riding on a galloping horse in the wild and feeling the full force of the sands, World of Western will help you go one step further to experience the legendary life.


The game offers a comprehensive building system covering all aspects of life and production. The system is composed of nine parts: Houses, Infrastructure, Military, Army, Industry, Resources, Decorations, Boosts and Expansions. Players need to make wise use of these subsystems to increase population and support them with food, accommodation and entertainment facilities; produce building materials; create wealth; recruit cowboys and Indians to form a formidable army to defend themselves and drive off bandits; and expand their territory as well.

While focusing on building the town, players also need to keep an eye on the outlaws, who are a serious threat to the town’s safety. Players can recruit cowboys and Indians to be their guardian forces. Actually Indians are converted into allies from enemies later in the game. These two groups make a name for themselves with members in possession of special skills. The cowboys can be hunters, riders, marshals, horsemen or just ordinary cowboys. The Indians can be White Shaman, Warrior with a Tomahawk, Iroquois with a Bow, Iroquois with a Tomahawk, Black Shaman and Chief with a Bow. You have to reach the specified level before you can hire them. By clicking on the Fight map, players will see an interface where they can deploy their army. Moving the cursor over a cowboy or an enemy, players will see against what weapons he is stronger. Correspondingly, players can deploy an army that possesses the exact weapons capable of subduing the opponents. To initiate an attack, first click on one of your warriors and then move the mouse over the potential target, you’ll see a prompt indicating whether it’s a good target, normal target or bad target. Once you’ve decided to attack, just click on the enemy. Every aimed shot generates some rewards like dollars, EXP, iron bars etc.

All the battles take place on a vast land partitioned into smaller parts and occupied by different bandit gangs as indicated by the map in the game. Players need to clear them one by one to unlock the following part.

And all the in-game activities consume Energy and generate EXP at the same time. The Energy is replenished by one point every five minutes and once you have accumulated sufficient EXP to level up, the Energy will be restored to the full automatically.

Facebook games usually highlight social elements and this game is no exception. It actually goes even further. For one thing, one of the quests is to visit several friends; for another some important items are not available by completing normal quests. When you need bells, suitcases, towels and keys to finish building a hotel, you either ask your friends for them, or buy them with diamonds, equivalent to real money in the game. There is just no other alternative. What’s more, when you need to speed up a job, you can also turn to your friends.

World of Western does present an appealing world of the west as its name implies. The only pity is that it seems to focus more on city-building elements than the shooting elements while the latter is most players’ main expectation toward it.

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  1. Molly Martinin says:

    I have not been able to get to the site for days. It seems that someone created the game and just left the building. Nothing is happening . No changes or enhancements. Where are the creators?????

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