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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Playcomet
Developer:  Playcomet
Genre:  Strategy

What will conjure up automatically when the Allies and the Axis are mentioned or when the time bracket 1939-to-1945 occurs? It is most likely that most people will blurt out nothing but World War II. As the most widespread war in history, WWII casts huge shadow over the globe and involves most of the world’s nations, demanding for their economic, political and scientific supports. Now WWII Rage will take you back into that history to offer blood, toil, tears and sweat in service. What is the aim? Winston Churchill has answered for all, that is, one word: victory.


WWII Rage (WW2 Rage or War2 Rage) is a warfare-themed browser MMO game that combines strategy and city building against the World War II background, in which reality-based vehicles, military units as well as renowned generals are included as well. As usual, a city is where the futuristic empire begins. Players’ primary task in the beginning is to build their city and expand it as soon as possible. There are three resources in this game including Steel, Oil and Supply, which will be produced in three buildings of Steel Plant, Oil Well and Supply Depot respectively outside the city.

And inside the city, couples of buildings must be built and upgraded to fulfill different purposes in all fronts. For instance, House is for population that plays a crucial role in resource production and coin increase; Resource Depot and Basement are necessary for resource storage and protection; and Ordnance Factory and Military Academy are for various units and officers to train or station.

In WWII Rage, each original city will encompass nine blocks, or vacant fields, on which buildings can be constructed. Also, new cities can be added in by players, only if they unlock the engineering truck and the technology colonization. And the development of the city will be measured in this game by its reputation. Once reputation reaches 200, players can join an alliance; and if it arrives at 1000, players will be able to create their own. As part of the alliance, players will be behooved in both civil construction and military action. As to the military units, there are small, medium, large and defense facilities, which will be imposed in five types of attack with varied damage power, listed as ammunition, penetration, gunnery, diffusion and suicide.

Besides the city building and military maneuvering, other activities, such as trading, dueling in arena, conducting researches in production, battle and alliance, and crafting equipment; are also worth exploring to make the whole gameplay coherent and complete.

I felt a great affection for WW 2 themed games probably and largestly because I have been part of operating and runing browser games WW 2 Warfare and WWII Assmebly, which were officially announced by Playcomet Games.

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