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XPEC Unveiled Weapons of Mythology

Sara Lau
Sep 16,2011  07:09 by

The Taiwan-based XPEC Entertainment, the maker of  Bounty Hounds Online, revealed its latest title Weapons of Mythology along with a fabulous debut trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2011, stirring up our curiosity for this oriental-style 3D MMORPG.

Weapons of Mythology is set in a turbulent era when the First Emperor of China passed away and the world is tortured by unceasing battles and chaotic struggles. In the mythical world, you will encounter various distinguished historical figures and join in multiple decisive battles while striving to assist your faction in uniting the shattered world.

According to the teaser trailer, there are a total of five distinctive classes, including Warriors who are capable of wreaking havoc in battles and helping their vulnerable allies, Priests who boast mighty healing magic, Mages who can manipulate elements of the world, Assassins who excel in lethal melee strikes and Archers who are good at long-range attacks.

Weapons of Mythology is intended to let players immerse in the thrilling stimulation of slaying and smashing ferocious monsters and foes, XPEC said. To pursue this goal, the developer creates a wide range of legendary yet magical weapons. To lay hands on those weapons, break their seal and unleash their power, you have to go through numerous quests and offer your blood as a sacrifice. Trust me! They are totally worth the efforts. Approximately, there are more than a hundred of mythical weapons for you to choose, which also enables you to make an ever-changing combo to deal with different enemies.

Dangerous monsters and hostile players are scattered across the boundless eastern land. Sometimes, you will be confronted with a gigantic serpent that can only be slain with your friends’ assistance. There is also a tremendous golden dragon that can fly with agility and breathe scorching fire. Anyway, get prepared for all kinds of fantastic adventures in the perilous realm!

Another remarkable feature lies in its innovative pet system. You can increase your intimacy with your pet by means of a diversity of interactions. The intimacy will influence your pet’s performance in assisting you in intense battles and challenging quests. After a long time of training, your pet can even transform itself into a human form and accompany you through various adventures. So you won’t feel lonely along the way.

As for the graphics, Weapons of Mythology possesses a fascinating 3D game atmosphere, and the images of characters and monsters are all creatively-crafted, offering an unmissable visual feast. And the combat scenes are also marvelous and arousing. All in all, don’t hesitate to jump into this game when the time is right!

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  1. essaymania says:

    This is the only game that I like to play all the time when I really want to have some quality time. I was already aware that there is the new version of this game that you are talking about in this post.

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