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Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures

Release Date:  November 2012
Publisher:  Method Solutions
Developer:  Method Solutions
Genre:  HOG

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures is a hidden object hunting game that offers a persistent yard selling experience. The game follows the same formula of those Facebook-based hidden object games like Rooms of Memory, and Hidden Chronicles. For example, you need to search a required item from a list of items. Sometimes, you can use the in-game hints to help you target the item, but the hint can only be used at one-minute interval.

The game is developed by Method Solutions behind a puzzle game House M.D. – Critical Cases.


Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures offers an ordinary item searching experience yet with atmosphere-matching background sound. The places to search are from the few and sometimes the same neighborhood, but you never have to worry about their being the same. For example, when you visit Sailor Bob’s place, which is a ship, you hear the sound of seagulls, sea waves and even the waving of the ship. While when you are approaching M. T. Graves, you see all the headstones, skulls, and eyeballs scattered while hearing the daunting wind blowing continuously.

Unfortunately, the yard sales you will come across in this game aren’t special enough. It is true that players will not only enjoy the collecting, bargaining, selling, and buying new items with the money they’ve earned. They can also buy fences, vehicles, houses and decorative items to beautify their home, raise the property value and upgrade the level.

To upgrade and unlock new places, one has to complete as many missions as possible and sell their stuff to make money. And that involves repeated visits to the same pictures again and again and again. Given that the items on those pictures are always in the same spots, the only difference would be which items you are looking for this time. That explains why the hunting soon gets boring.

Thankfully, players will still be able to collect, restore and sell items. For example, in the very first two places, Sailor Bob’s ship and M.T. Graves’ house, players can sometimes find the lantern chain and the lantern. Once they get both, they can remove the broken glass by using pliers, paint the lantern and the chain, cut glass, screw in the light bulb, install the glass, and then put the lantern on sale in the yard. The detailed enough process easily makes you believe you are actually restoring a lantern yourself.

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures manages to combine hidden object hunting, yard selling, house decorating and item collecting and restoring all in one title. But only the atmospheric sound and the item restoring are impressive, while the rest is just plain and dull.

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  1. karen says:

    Try this. One

  2. I am having problems getting this to download. When I try to download it, I get a message saying something like Heruko, No app. I really would like to have this downloaded onto my laptop or tablet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Hi. could someone please email me about a downloading problem. Thanks.


  4. Sheila Hill says:

    it wont download on FB!! PLEASE HELP!!

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