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Zombie Ace

Zombie Ace

Release Date:  May 23, 2012
Publisher:  Hothead Games
Developer:  Hothead Games

Zombie Ace is iOS game that takes on the gameplay as Jetpack Joyride does.

Touch the screen to fly up, release it to glide down and hold longer for stay high. Tap an enemy aircraft to attack it and tap or fly through parachute zombies. Avoid obstacles and claim as many coins as possible.


That is pretty much what you do in . The game may seem too simple but is never easy, as it turns out.

The game is unbelievably generous in coin offering. Coins can be found everywhere. The only problem is that they do not belong to me! I know exactly I have to lower and lift the zombie plane all the time to pass through the desirable coins but no matter how hard I try, it just seems that I have got this great talent to avoid most of the coins. Whenever coins appear on the screen, it is already late to adjust the plane level and therefore I always miss nineteen coins of twenty. And when I do succeed in collecting some coins, over one or two hundred coins for instance, I would definitely come across the thick clouds which cost a number of coins.

Whenever you meet enemy aircrafts, type them once, twice or more times to dispatch zombies to destroy the crafts. And once the destruction is complete, you have to recall your zombies and sometimes rescued zombies by tapping them or flying into them. You do not attack every enemy aircraft however, as some of them fly so fast that you wouldn’t have enough time to destroy it and recall your zombies, thus losing your work force.

You start from Seattle, through San Francesco, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, all the way to New York. Every time you approach a city, you can land in it or simply pass by. That is not easy. Most of my landing attempts result in airplane crashes or missing of those cities. However, after a successful landing, you will drop passengers there to infest the city.

Players can upgrade planes in terms of the wing, fuel, engine, fuselage, and capacity. The fuel upgrade is in urgent need but requires brains for upgrades after it reaches level 1. Sometimes you could obtain something very helpful in the Prize list, for example this huge magnet that draws coins nearby and saves you lots of ups and downs.

Zombie Ace has its disappointment. Plane crashes at times out of collision or lack of fuel, the latter of which can be avoided to some degree if you purchase the fuel upgrades for brains, or as a matter of fact, real money. Determined to dig as far as the freemium version allows, I have no choice but to watch my zombie plane crash again and again after running out of fuel.

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  1. David Gere says:

    This game is freaking addicting. Iv been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now and iv played it everyday. There are constant achievements and always a challenge to infect the cities. This game is a 10 out of 10. It kinda upset me to see it has an 8.5 rating. Best game I’ve played in awhile. Even before I was in the hospital I had this game installed on my other devices. Amazing!!!!

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