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Zombie Gunner

Zombie Gunner

Release Date:  October 11, 2012
Publisher:  GAMEVIL
Developer:  GAMEVIL
Genre:  Shooter

Zombie Gunner is an arcade style shooter where your mission is to kill as many zombies as possible. The game is developed by Gamevil, the maker of Kingdom Royale.


Pick up your weapons, encounter various zombies, kill all the ones that dare to come near, and complete varieties of tasks. By killing zombies and destroying things like barrels and caves, you gain coins and useful items.

After all, it contains nothing you’ve never seen before.

The basic gameplay, where players move the characters right or left and attack the zombies, is coupled with varied contents, which shows the efforts of the developers in entertaining players. You unlock a stage after clearing the previous one and unlock a map after clearing all the stages in the previous map. The missions quest you with killing a specified number of zombies, killing several of a specific type of zombies, protecting the shelter, keep alive for a required length of time, protect the victims until they enter the shelter, escort a car of victims to the destination, or just kill the Boss zombie.

That explains why one would have great fun at the beginning of the game. Not that those contents are anything new – we’ve seen them for hundreds of times. It’s just that they are all offered in a small package and you come across a completely different task before you have enough of the current one. However, in each map you have the same set of missions which only differ in degrees of difficulty.

What is predictable is not only the gameplay. The story offers no surprises at all. A man cannot find his daughter since zombies infested the town and therefore he embarks on a journey killing zombies and trying to find his daughter while at the same time, he encounters various persons who then accompany him.

But the repeated gameplay and predictable story don’t necessarily destroy the enjoyment and excitement you might have in Zombie Gunner. You still have to kill all those flying zombies, ice zombies or fire zombies with the best weapons you have just to keep yourself alive until you can use one HP potion for a full recovery.

The pictures, though always simple and kind of unclear, please players with the different zombies. That is not just in the appearances, but also in the way they come out and the way they escape. Surely, you might fail to complete some of the stages and have to start over. But don’t worry, you won’t have to move through the same map again – the terrain of that stages change every time you enter them, which means your strategies might also have to be modified.

All the elements keep reminding you of classic games such as Plants VS. Zombies. There are dozens of zombie-themed games already on the table. But no matter what, we don’t say no to exciting and fast-paced battles against zombies, do we?

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