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Zombie Hunter Lite

Zombie Hunter Lite

Release Date:  March 27, 2012
Publisher:  spongemobile
Developer:  spongemobile

Zombie Hunter Lite is a contradictory game.

It has a uniquely intriguing gameplay, which offers enough pleasure to keep you clinging to it but also presents difficult challenges that deny an easy and smooth progression. You will have your character standing in the middle of the interface, or, to be specific, at an intersection of two or more roads, in a shopping mall, among the woods, or in a Bio-laboratory. Holding a gun in her hands, the character could not be directed to anywhere else. The only move she could ever perform is to turn herself towards different directions and shoot.

It is after having a touch on this game that I started to realize how grateful I should be when I could have my character lift the weapon and open fire towards approaching enemies directly. In Zombie Hunter, however, you have to put your finger on the character and drag to the round button in the desired direction, or the very direction that the zombie is coming from. There are altogether eight such buttons, located in eight directions and you can drag to another button after reaching one. It is like binding a rope to different spots. Each button can only be used once and after you have done the dragging, a bullet will come out of your character’s gun following the exactly same route your finger has been traveling on.

You’d better drag out a complicated route, covering all the directions in which zombies are coming. Earlier zombies will die only after your bullet has passed through them twice. When a single zombie comes up, you can of course directly drag a route to the button in the same direction. But be careful because such attack requires more shots-at least four or five-to eliminate the monster.

Zombies, coming in various outfits, are of different physical strengths. Some will die after two shots, other three or more. Quests often task players with eradicating all the coming zombies, rescuing people while preventing any damages on the character (which seems hopeless to me by far). The persons to be rescued come from random directions and often form obstacles in defending the protagonist herself. Since a single shot suffices to kill the victim, I seldom open fire until the victim is by my character’s side which means it is too late for me to attack zombies and avoid damages on the protagonist.

Survival in any round is not easy, making the game fascinating and challenging from the get-go. Meanwhile, Zombie Hunter Lite is too difficult to be a casual game where players can relax themselves for a few minutes each day.

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